Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Corner Pool, Part II

Corner pools always look inviting to anglers because they provide everything a big trout needs: depth, overhead cover, and a steady supply of food. Last summer, Dave Jensen explained how to fish the lower part of the the pool below a sharp bend in a river. In part II, Dave demonstrates the best way to fish the upper part of the pool. Among the keys are keeping a short line, making downstream mends to prolong the drift, and getting into the right position.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Corner Pool, Part II”

  1. Usually, I mend up stream, he was mending down stream. Did he not have line in the water only leader and tippet; if so how long
    Where do I go to find the answers to my questions? Send email.


  2. One thing about corners, they are generally a flat spot in a descending river. Trout don’t live on hills, and need flat water, even if its a tiny spot on an otherwise sloping current.

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