Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Spinner Fall, Introduction

Spinner falls present anglers with wonderful opportunities to catch rising trout, but these egg-laying events can also offer plenty of challenges. The flies are tiny, the light is usually low, the presentations can be difficult, and so on. The ability to catch several trout during the short duration of a spinner fall is a mark of an accomplished fly fisher.

In this great episode of “Master Class Monday”–and for the next nine weeks–Dave and Amelia Jensen will walk you through every aspect of fishing a spinner fall, from gear choices to presentation to hook sets. This series will be a true master class that will take your angling skills to the next level. Plus, the visuals are stunning throughout, making this series not just informational, but entertaining and inspirational, as well.

Watch for further installments of Master Class Monday every week here at Orvis News, in the Advanced Tactics playlist our You Tube Channel, and on the new Advanced section of our Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

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