Master Class Monday: How to Fish Spinner Falls, the Finale

Over the past couple months, we have been sharing a wonderful series of videos by Dave and Amelia Jensen, of Jensen Fly Fishing, on how to fish a spinner fall. There has never been such a comprehensive discussion of fishing these wonderful dry-fly experiences, and anyone who watches all 10 videos will be much better prepared to make the most of the limited time each spinner fall affords.

Here’s the grande finale, in which we get to watch both Dave and Amelia apply their lessons on the water. I encourage you to spend some time with each of these video, as there is a lot of information to process. I learned a lot, as I’m sure that you will.

Here’s the entire 10-part series:

Watch for further installments of Master Class Monday every week here at Orvis News, in the Advanced Tactics playlist our You Tube Channel, and on the new Advanced section of our Orvis Fly Fishing Learning Center.

One thought on “Master Class Monday: How to Fish Spinner Falls, the Finale”

  1. i have been a fly fisherWOMAN all my life! my dad taught me how beginning when i was six years old! and i’m 82 years old now! last time i fished was in this last summer with my son, gregory! was so much fun! hope i’m able to go again. i dearly love m son and fly fishing. we had such fun, but both of us were sore the next day!

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