Master Class Monday: How to Fish Up to a Rising Trout

When you spot a rising trout, your first impulse may be to try to catch it immediately, but that’s not always the correct decision. In this great episode of “Master Class Monday” from Jensen Fly Fishing, Amelia Jensen shows you how she approaches the situation. She’s marked a rising trout but knows that there are others in the seam at the head of the pool. So she’ll work her way up to the riser, which probably isn’t going anywhere in the near future.

From her fly choice to her rod choice and leader dimensions, Amelia’s tactics are based on her understanding of the conditions, her knowledge of the available bugs, and her comfort as an angler. Note how she keeps her casts short, which helps with accuracy and line control. And once she hooks a fish, she aims to lead it downstream, away from any other trout along the seam.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Fish Up to a Rising Trout”

  1. Would not want to be married to her . I would get sick of being out fished day in and day out . On the other hand you would be proud to have some one as a mate who others would admire . Plus you could tell every one you taught her everything she knows .

    1. Sounds to me your relationship with the lady would last about half the time of the back part of one of your false casts which most likely would be your last cast attempted

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