Video Pro Tips: How to Predict a Stonefly Hatch

When big trout come to the surface to hammer large stoneflies, anglers can enjoy some of the most exciting dry-fly fishing of their lives. This is why some anglers will travel great distances to fish salmonfly or Skwala hatches. The problem is that success is all about timing, and timing can be finicky

In this great video, Dave Jensen explains how you can increase your odds of hitting the hatch just right, and he also talks about the best ways to fish through the hatch–from the early days of migrating nymphs through the magic of ovipositing females. Even if you fish stoneflies a lot, you’re sure to learn something here, and the visuals are fantastic.

One thought on “Video Pro Tips: How to Predict a Stonefly Hatch”

  1. Do you train people to classify to family level of mayflies, stoneflies, and caddis flies?
    If so, who and when, and cost?
    If not, who does?
    Paul Ferris

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