Master Class Monday: How to Know When a Trout WON’T Take Your Fly

Knowing when it’s a waste of time to continue fishing for a trout is as important as knowing where to cast. By reading a trout’s body language, you can gauge if the fish will take your nymph or dry fly readily, or if it has been alerted by your presence. Even if you can’t see the trout itself, a rising fish will give you clues on what to do based on the spread of its rises and their cadence. Sometimes, it pays to just rest a fish and let it get more confident. Other times, it’s best to just move on. Dave Jensen gives us excellent advice, along with some great video of feeding trout.

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2 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Know When a Trout WON’T Take Your Fly”

  1. Great tip and beautiful video. It’s too bad that a pop up appeared asking me to sign up for the Orvis newsletter. I already get the news letter. This is becoming very annoying.

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