Master Class Monday: It Pays to Be Methodical

In this week’s Master Class Monday, Dave Jensen argues that fly-fishing videos often paint a rosy picture of what it takes to catch a big, wily brown trout. So he and Amelia proceed to show us how much time, energy, and patience they are willing to put in to get the job done.

Dave spots a big fish in a very difficult lie and then tries several flies and set ups before the fish disappears. But even then, Dave doesn’t give up. It’s a great lesson in perseverance and patience. And the rewards are worth the effort.

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3 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: It Pays to Be Methodical”

    1. Nice video, I love catching browns. This video reminded me of one I watched a week ago on streamer fishing for brown trout. Maybe other folks would like to see it as well.

      Thanks and please keep posting, folks like me really appreciate it.

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