Master Class Monday: How to Shoot Line for Maximum Casting Efficiency

Most people don’t consider shooting fly line to be an advanced tactic, but even many veteran anglers don’t shoot line at the point of maximum efficiency for a great cast and maximum distance. In this great video, Orvis casting instructor Pete Kutzer demonstrates the best way to maximize the efficiency of the cast.

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3 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: How to Shoot Line for Maximum Casting Efficiency”

  1. Pete, Excellent topic and timely for me preparing to go to the Bahamas for my fifth bonefishing trip next month. I have a question about shooting line into the wind. It seems that I can shoot line out to 40 feet with an 8 weight line in moderate wind (20-25 knots) but when I go for 50 feet and shoot line on the final forward cast the loop seems to collapse. Some have recommended not shooting line into wind on the final cast to get a decent turn over. Am I trying to go for too much? There is a steep learning curve here of course since I’m going for very advanced techniques. I’ve been taking lessons, practicing a lot and even built my own short (7-8 feet) but I seem to be hitting a plateau for the technique only in wind. I can shoot line out to 80 feet in no wind. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. Eric English

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