Master Class Monday: When NOT to Use an Indicator

When you’re drifting nymphs for fussy trout, sometimes it’s better to remove an indicator. In this great video from Jensen Fly Fishing, Dave Jensen demonstrates how he finally hooked a wary cutthroat trout by using a modified drop-shot rig. It’s also educational to see where Dave places his flies and how he follows them with the rod tip. And finally, if you watch carefully you’ll be able to see the trout he and Amelia have spotted—if you observe carefully and train your eyes.

NOTE: This rig may not be legal everywhere because the weight is below the fly. Check the regulations for the waters you fish.

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5 thoughts on “Master Class Monday: When NOT to Use an Indicator”

  1. Without spending any time researching various states, I think this method is illegal in NY (weight can’t be below the fly) and I think it was lawful in MI but isn’t now. It became a popular snagging method around the Great Lakes after lead weighted treble hooks were outlawed.

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