Master Class Mondays: How to Catch Trout in Shallow-Water Undercuts

Brown trout love to hold near undercut banks because such a lie offers them the best of all worlds: they don’t have to work against a fast current, they have a conveyor-belt of food going by, and the cover of the undercut bank means that they feel safe.

In this great episode of “Master Class Monday,” Dave Jensen shows you how to approach such a trout lie, how to set yourself up for success, and then how to make just the right cast to show the fly to the fish without spooking it. Stealth is important because the fish is positioned to feel disturbances both in the water and on the bank. It’s not a complicated technique, but it requires planning, a careful approach, and an accurate cast.

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4 thoughts on “Master Class Mondays: How to Catch Trout in Shallow-Water Undercuts”

  1. Caught a large brown on the Farmington a few days ago in the same situation…I was lucky, now I see more the logic of fish holding and line placement.

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