Video: How to Tie the Slim Beauty Knot

This week for “Master Class Monday”—our new feature about taking your fly fishing skills to the next level—Pete Kutzer demonstrates the slim beauty knot. It was developed by noted Florida Keys guide (and the man behind Midcurrent) Marshall Cutchin as a way to attach fine class tippets to heavy monofilament shock tippets for tarpon fishing. It’s cleaner and easier to tie than the Huffnagle Knot, which was traditionally the way to attach a shock tippet. But wait a minute—just because you don’t fish in salt water does not mean you won’t use this knot. The slim beauty is also one of the best ways to tie a light tippet to a much heavier section, and it’s even more useful as a way to attach a wire bite guard to your tippet for pike or musky fishing.

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5 thoughts on “Video: How to Tie the Slim Beauty Knot”

  1. Pete: Would you consider doing a video on the best way to carry 30 +/- ft. of fly line, leader and fly in your hand while wade fishing salt water flats? There has got to be a more correct way than what I am doing !! Thanks for considering my request.

  2. Thom,
    Rod Hamilton’s book “Do it Yourself Fly Fishing” does an excellent job of describing how to do what you’re asking. Yeah, it’s worth every penny on that topic and on so many other flats topics. The best book on DIY bonefishing and I’ve read many of the classics. Wish I had that one first!

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