Photo of the Day: Maya’s First Salmon

7-year-old Maya proudly displays her first two sockeye salmon.
Photo by Glenn Cain

How soon should kids learn to fish? Take a page from Glenn Cain’s playbook! Glenn sent us the following message as well as this great photo of his budding angler:

We fish the Russian and Kenai Rivers in Alaska each year during the sockeye salmon run. This year, we intended for our granddaughter, Maya, to try her hand at salmon, since she has done well with bass and trout. Maya is seven years old, and these are her first two salmon. This was her first time in Orvis waders and also wading into the current at water’s edge. She has her own 5-weight fly rod for trout, which she has become very adept at using. She graduated to a 10-weight Helios for the salmon and did very well, as you can see.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Maya’s First Salmon”

  1. Kids in the current should wear a life vest at all times. We had a tragedy here when a 9 year old lost his life in the delaware river while fishing from shore.

    1. Both kids were wearing certified life jackets while on the river. We don’t let them fish without them

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