Meet the Winner of Our “Local Slam” Contest

Winnie Leddy submitted (from top to bottom) a brook trout, rainbow trout, carp, largemouth bass, and brown trout.

As part of this year’s “20 Days in September” photo contest, we introduced a new category: The Local Slam. Given that most people are sticking close to home this year, we wanted to give anglers a chance to explore nearby waters they might not otherwise fish or spend time chasing new species.

A few weeks ago, we presented you with the finalists, and the resulting vote produced a clear winner: Winnifred “Winnie” Leddy of Lexington, Kentucky. Her photo entries included bass, carp, and three species of trout.

We asked Winnie to tell us a bit about herself and her fishing life, and here’s what she sent us:

I grew up on the Jersey Shore, fishing with my dad and three older brothers. Competition was fierce between siblings and I loved showing the boys how it was done. I tried my hand in the art of fly fishing as a young adult on my first trip to Yellowstone National Park, and I was “hooked”–quite literally, as I’m pretty sure I caught myself more than a few times. I currently mentor with The Mayfly Project, I am a big supporter of 50/50 on the Water, and I love taking out and introducing new people to the sport, as well as the kiddos. I live in Lexington, Kentucky with my fiancé and our two little pups, Chow and Jackson.

With everything going on this year, I focused on really hammering down every inch of my local water, the Cumberland River. It was so fun exploring every riffle and hole, and I not only caught 5 species, but a new fiancé, too! I’m excited to explore the many more species the river has to offer. 

Congratulations to Winnie, who will receive a a $100 Orvis Gift Card, which she can use to buy more gear for her fishing adventures. Now that y’all have seen how this is done, let’s make the Local Slam and even bigger part of next year’s contest.

Click here to learn how to plan your own Local Slam!

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