Meet the Winner of Our “Citron” Hydros SL Reel Giveaway

Andrew Bower chases anything that swims in his home state of Pennsylvania and beyond.
Photo courtesy Andrew Bower

If we can draw any conclusions from our recent “Citron” Hydros SL Reel Giveaway it’s that the new color is going to be a hit. Lots of folks appreciate this departure from the standard black/gold/silver options of the past, offering feedback such as: “Beautiful design and color,” “Will add pizzazz to one of my Orvis Recons,” and “Love the color and already loved the reel.”

This morning, I hit the “Choose a random winner” button on our prize widget, and it spit out the name of our winner: Andrew Bower of Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. I asked Andrew for a short fly-fishing bio, and here’s what he sent:

I have been a loyal fan of Orvis from a very young age. I was taught by Pastor Ken Buckwalter as a teenager in Central Pennsylvania, and mentored though the years by friends, family, and acquaintances. My fishing proficiency has improved, but my taste for quality gear and apparel remains unchanged.

I frequently fish the limestone streams of PA, including the Yellow Breeches, Penns Creek, Letort, and Donegal Spring. And while these streams fulfill my weekly need to wet a line, I was blessed at one time to live in your backyard (West Rupert), and long to visit the Battenkill once more.

Thanks to all everyone who entered the contest. We’ll launch another one soon, so stay tuned!

Click here to check out the Hydros SL

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