Meet the Winner of Our Helios 3 Giveaway

Our winner hails from Connecticut but fishes throughout the Northeast.
Photos by Sean Liegey

If our latest Helios 3 Fly Rod Giveaway is any indication, folks are pretty excited to try this new fly rod, which claims to be the most accurate ever made. If you didn’t win, you might wanna go test-cast one of these sweet rods to see what you think. And don’t forget to try both the “D” and “F” models.

After more than 10,000 entries, our widget spat out the name of our winner: Sean Liegey of South Salem, New York. I asked Sean for a short fly-fishing bio, and here’s what he sent:

I discovered fly fishing when I was up north for a bachelor party. I came across someone fly fishing and decided that it looked much more my speed. Since then, everything I’ve learned is from either a fly fishing class through Orvis Darien or the podcast, and I spent many afternoons practicing in the backyard. I live about an hour north of New York City, so I fish a lot in western Connecticut, the Catskills, and southern Vermont.

Thanks to all everyone who entered the contest. If you didn’t win this one, then you should get in on our “20 September Days” Photo Contest, which will be running all month!

Click here to check out the Helios 3

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