Meet the Winner of Our #WeLoveDogs Photo Contest!

Our winner enjoys fishing with Scout at his side.
Photos courtesy Nate Diamond

Two weeks ago, we asked you to send in your best photos for our #WeLoveDogs Photo Contest, then last week, you got to choose the winner from among the 10 finalists. The clear winner was the great shot above, which features an eager puppy helping to spot fish. I asked the photographer, Nate Diamond, to tell us about himself and hi pooch, and here’s what he sent:

I grew up in Michigan, and my fly-fishing passion started when I was four years old. My dad took me to Missouri to fly-fish with my grandpa and his local coffee club, and since then I’ve been all over, spending my time in the outdoors. For the last couple years, I’ve been guiding for Minturn Anglers in Colorado. The pup’s name is Scout, and she is seven months old now. She has been on the river ever since she was born and loves every minute of it. She’s a guide and bird dog in training!

Nate wins a Recon Fly Rod (he chose the 9-foot, 7-weight model), and Scout gets an Orvis Sunbrella® Indoor/Outdoor ComfortFill Platform Dog Bed.

Our randomly selected voter, and recipient of a pair of Orvis Nippers and an Orvis Silicone Dog Bowl, was Sean Bostic.

Thanks to all everyone who entered the contest, as well as to all who voted!

Click here for another look at the ten finalists.

Our runner-up photo was by Charli Tavera.

One thought on “Meet the Winner of Our #WeLoveDogs Photo Contest!”

  1. Congrats to the winner Nate, enjoy that black dog. I recently laid my black dog, Buddy, to rest at 14.5 years old. I think he was my once in a lifetime dog, a natural in the field and water and smart. Here’s to your Scout turning out to be all Bud was to me.

    Thanks Orvis for the opportunity and I’ll put the nippers and dog bowl to good use.

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