Molly’s Christmas Island Adventure

Molly 3

Giant trevally are known for their fierce fighting abilities, and for finding ways to break an angler’s tackle.

photo courtesy Molly Semenik

Right after her championship performance at the Salt Lake City “Best of the West” competition, Molly Semenik headed to Christmas Island to chase bonefish and giant trevally. It looks like she did pretty well, landing four GTs and a bunch of bonefish. What a way to celebrate!

Molly 4

Molly shows off a fine Christmas Island bonefish.

photo courtesy Molly Semenik

Molly 1

Battling a giant trevally requires plenty of muscle and a fly rod that can take a beating.

photo courtesy Molly Semenik

Molly 2

There’s a face that any angler could love

photo courtesy Molly Semenik

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