Moment of Thrill 03.17.21

Most tarpon are lost in the first few seconds of the fight, when the fish produces its most impressive, head-shaking leaps. Anglers are taught to bow to the fish, which introduces some slack into the line. A tight line can snap if the fish makes a quick, sharp head shake or if the fish lands on the line after a jump. This video by Capt. David Mangum of Shallow Water Expeditions shows just how quickly these large fish can take to the air.

The videos in our Moment of Thrill series are meant to get your heart racing in anticipation of the start of the spring fly-fishing season. It’s been a long winter, at the end of a long year. What we all need now is to feel the tug of a fish peeling line off the reel!

2 thoughts on “Moment of Thrill 03.17.21”

  1. Only thing better is when it is a much bigger tarpon!!!! That re-entry splash is always incredible. Get the right position w/ the sun and it becomes even more beautiful when it shines off of the tarpon while in the air!!!! Biggest adrenaline rush there is with a fly rod in your hand in my humble opinion.

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