Moment of Thrill 03.23.21

Fly fishers describe a hard-fighting fish as being “hot,” and occasionally can take you by surprise with it’s hard runs and crazy jumps. This rainbow trout goes ballistic from the moment it is hooked, requiring the angler to use all his skill to keep the fish from throwing the hook or breaking the light tippet. Dave Jensen of Jensen Fly Fishing scrambles to keep up with this insane trout, as his wife, Amelia, captures the action.

The videos in our Moment of Thrill series are meant to get your heart racing in anticipation of the start of the spring fly-fishing season. It’s been a long winter, at the end of a long year. What we all need now is to feel the tug of a fish peeling line off the reel!

82 thoughts on “Moment of Thrill 03.23.21”

  1. Too bad the music associated with this video was too loud and not related to the subject to allow me enjoy it.
    Sorry, it spoiled the show. Maybe it’s directed to a younger audience???
    Not really what an older guy like myself is interested in hearing.

    Perhaps your marketing team needs to be more appreciative of the sport of fly fishing, its heritage and traditional
    Composition. It’s not all wild partying and getting stupid behavior like the accompanying music suggests.

      1. Ha, I’m laughing, seems like some folks need to get out and do some fly fishing! Great video, I’m inspired!!!

        1. Loved to see that great jumping rainbow trout released to give another angler the same thrill!

          1. yes thank you for bringing that subject up . Releasing the fish . I don’t keep any fish except for flounder. Every year i buy my trout stamp not to keep them just to donate the money to clean up the water or get more trout for stocking what ever they do with it. ( NOT AGAINST ANYONE WHO KEEPS THEM AND EATS THEM ). I just always beleave the fish I let go could be some little boy or girls 1st fish . ( PEOPLE HAVE THERE OWN WAY OF DOING THINGS BUT MAYBE JUST THINK ABOUT THAT LITTLE GIRL OR BOY NEXT TIME U PUT THAT 5TH FISH ON YOUR STRINGER ) Do u realy need the 5 or is 4 enough and leave that 5th one for the kids . thanks again have a great day your hole post just made my day .

    1. Wow… I’m old 55 but didn’t find music distracting at all. It was fun to watch. When I get that much slack in my line I loose the fish. It must have been a good hook up. Nice catch.

        1. I’m 65 and found the music quite fiery, exactly like that fish! Another fun MOMENT OF THRILL- keep em coming ORVIS !!

    2. I totally agree. Should have had a different music background. You can do better next time. Something more”Montana” or “Utah” would have been better. I want to feel high country air in the music not a cha-cha-cha. Sounded more like a Heineken ad.

    3. Really?!?! Come on man….

      I thought it captured the energy of the moment and enhanced it…..not everyone only needs John Denvers greatest his album

      1. Not really sure what Montana or Utah music is. But John Denver music does not reflect the aggressive fish and the high end tackle that we use.

        I agree the music captured the videographic display and energy.

    4. New business is the life blood of any going concern. What did you want to hear? Vivaldi? Miles Davis? The Rolling Stones? I’m 67 and I thought the music fit the location and film editing. It doesn’t come off as a quiet stream. Maybe that’s what you are objecting to.

    5. I’m old too. Music didn’t bother me a bit. Do you sit on your porch and yell GET OFF MY LAWN or stay inside and bitch at your wife? Grumpy old fart.

      1. I’m not old but didn’t care for the music either. Of course anyone commenting here has the capability of hitting the mute button—that’s not the point. I also found the music incongruous with the subject. Cool video though, and also surprised that the fish was landed with all that slack line!

    6. Dude really??? I bet you’re one of those guys who cusses people out if they walk on your lawn

      1. Dude really???? I bet you’re one of those guys who wades right up beside other people in the river, and then puts your rap music on blast while you flail the air above the guy you just set up by.

        You see what we each did there, right?

    7. Beautiful action……….but, I too, found the music totally distracting. What would have been wrong with just the natural sound of the stream and the big ‘bow’s splashes?

    8. Horrible music—–I enjoy fly fishing out where all you hear is the rushing waters and the chirping birds–that is part of the peace and enjoyment of being in the stream.

  2. Wonderful “Chills” which you provide. Thank you for sharing these artistic videos. I must admit, I recognize that the mood of the subjects and the subjects interacting with each other are quite worthy of the choice of musical background which would be humbling, sublime, reflective, and
    perhaps “playful” and sometimes nostalgic for certain videos but integrating sound to match the beauty and grandeur of nature.
    Thank you again.

  3. Beautiful fish, I was fishing the Kern River in CA and was getting some hits on my rooster tail while hanging from the rocks over a deep pool. I needed to step back and I let another step in and he hooked this large rainbow with a fly, this trout jumped and was soon landed. I could just smile at his success. But a jealousy crept in though. I took a few pics and we parted with a great story.

  4. MAW wasn’t wrong, just a little harsh. The music was like a plaid sport coat with striped pants. Separately kind of cool but together jarring. Regardless, a superb video of something I’d lobe to do.

  5. Not really sure what Montana or Utah music is. But John Denver music does not reflect the aggressive fish and the high end tackle that we use.

    I agree the music captured the videographic display and energy.

  6. Music Really? That’s what most of the comments are. How about awesome fish, beautiful rainbow and fun to watch. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Thank you for sharing.
    That’s why I catch and release… to share the moments. God’s creation is awsome!

  8. Music should enhance the video, not compete with it. I fish because I relish the understated elegance of nature’s natural symphony. I found this so distracting that I won’t bother with any more videos.

  9. Happy Easter! … I am just grateful for the share (regardless of tune / thank you!). What a moment for the angler, camera- crew and viewers (right?). That is an amazing fish and great to see such a healthy specimen. Was that a barbless hook? Either way, what a fine job with landing that psycho-bow!

  10. I don’t fish, but I thought the video might be worth a watch. If the sound track reflects the inner music or poetry of trout fishing, rest assured that I’ll not be crowding your trout streams anytime soon.

  11. Some of you have serious issues! I I’m 71 and didn’t like the music, but turned it off and watched the video 4 more times without the music. I would have preferred the live action sound at that moment, but seriously what a catch! I’m going to watch it again now. Happy Easter!

  12. Who cares about the music it is an amazing fish and a great video capturing the catch of an amazing fish
    Nicely done ✅

  13. Nice video but totally inappropriate music. Why should I have to mute the audio? I never had to consider doing that with any of your other videos. Your marketing guys should know better.

  14. Everybody ‘s a critic . If I had a rainbow that size on my Fly Line , you could play whatever background music you want . Great clip .

  15. Poor choice of music, like others said. The ones who liked it probably those who fish with the headphones on…

  16. enough with the music! but lack of line control? thought the cat would hang himself….streep, mon, streep!

  17. Disappointed that you have changed the name from Chill to Thrill. I loved the word Chill, it described the way I feel when things in nature capture me. I enjoy all the videos, however! Thank you.

  18. I read all the comments. I’m 74 and long time flyfisher. I watch fly fishing videos to learn techniques,etc. Slack line creates problems but Mr. Jensen patiently waited and then cranked on his reel at the opportune time. I was so focused on the process that cannons from the 1812 Overture would not have bothered me..

  19. Video is a 10/10. Music is about 3/10. Overall a very enjoyable video.

    I accept some will rage because the music part of the video didn’t also get a 10/10.

    Well, as you can suggest hitting the “mute” button (I turned it down instead, thanks), I will suggest you can also hit the “page down” button if you don’t like the rating for the music.

    Tight lines…

  20. Woo whooo! I just don’t get how people can be so upset over the music of a special experience. I do know that to embrace every moment! I’m 60, cancer survivor, fly fished since 13yo.
    Please, stop complaining about “first world” problems like music on a fishing video. Going to South America to fish and explore in “22. Thankful to be alive! Patagonian Trout here I come.

  21. Horrible music—–I enjoy fly fishing out where all you hear is the rushing waters and the chirping birds–that is part of the peace and enjoyment of being in the stream.

  22. I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office so my volume was on mute. What a beautiful video of a great fishing experience!!!

  23. Funny reading or hearing people’s opinions…. like most even care 😉 From a conservation aspect if you focus on keeping the big fish in the long run you will have more big fish. Maybe try only keeping fish that are larger than 16-18″ only. Unless it’s an invasive species then keep em all!!!

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