Moment of Thrill 03.25.21

Under the right conditions–especially in deep water–redfish will attack flies on or near the surface, producing exciting follows and explosive takes. It’s a hit-or-miss game with lots of missed connections, but it’s the most visually thrilling way to catch these saltwater game fish. This video by Capt. David Mangum of Shallow Water Expeditions shows the aggressive way redfish inhale their prey.

The videos in our Moment of Thrill series are meant to get your heart racing in anticipation of the start of the spring fly-fishing season. It’s been a long winter, at the end of a long year. What we all need now is to feel the tug of a fish peeling line off the reel!

11 thoughts on “Moment of Thrill 03.25.21”

  1. I hope you where standing in the water bare feet and no waders. In my part of the USA that would be a real eye opener. HAHA

  2. Seeing bull reds roll in the sun on a crisp fall day is almost as joyous as catching one, like in the video. That one looks like a keeper. They’re excellent eating when prepared properly. Due to the diversity of aquatic life in LA coastal waters, you can easily catch a few crabs and/or use your leftover bait shrimp to garnish your redfish, speckled trout, sheepshead, or flounder–all within half hour drive from NOLA French Quarter. BTW, LA redfish catch limits are 16″ min-27″ max, 5/person/day.

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