Moment of Thrill 03.29.21

Although most of a trout’s diet consists of insects, baitfish, and other invertebrates, they will eat anything that provides a lot of protein–including mice swimming on the surface. This big rainbow from British Columbia’s Spatzisi Plateau is not at all pleased to discover that it’s meaty meal is attached to a fly line. In this great video by Todd Moen of Catch Magazine, angler Carrie Collingwood scores with a deer-hair mouse.

The videos in our Moment of Thrill series are meant to get your heart racing in anticipation of the start of the spring fly-fishing season. It’s been a long winter, at the end of a long year. What we all need now is to feel the tug of a fish peeling line off the reel!

36 thoughts on “Moment of Thrill 03.29.21”

  1. This reminds me of days years ago fishing the Esopus Creek in New York’s Esopus Creek for rainbow trout.

  2. Great video. Reminds me of catching numerous, gorgeous sea run brookies on mouse patterns on the remote Sutton River in Northern Ontario a few years ago. Nothing compares to the explosive take by a really big trout and the fight that follows! I think it was their favorite food–unbelievable.

      1. No kidding. I know plenty of men who do the exact same thing when they hook a fish like that. Sexism has no place in fishing.

  3. my comment is a ? and I would really appreciate input. I was taught to never let my line leave the water during a jumping session like this. I was taught to drop my rod tip and keep as much line in the water as possible to reduce the effect of head shake and a dislodged hook.

    1. In the salt water, especially for Tarpon you would call that “bow” to the fish, meaning drop your rod tip and give slack when the fish jumps. Although, you could loose the fish either way! That’s called “Fishin”!

  4. Exciting! why not have the Enthusiasm?
    Listen to all the experts on here. …jealous much?
    Way to go with the nice catch!

  5. You know the main thing in fishing is too enjoy it. If you do something that not perfect and you still catch that great fish who cares it suppose to be fun!

  6. I would squeal no doubt. I have caught 34 inch trout on the tributaries of Lake Erie. Also a 19 and 1/2 inch Large mouth bass at Croton Dam in Mi. Only one inch shy of the State record for angler award. We just love our fishing!!!!

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