#MomentofChill 11.26.19: Autumn in the Grouse Woods

Today’s #MomentofChill, features our very own Scott McEnaney, Director of Orvis Adventures, and his dog, Brix, strolling through an overgrown field. Shot just minutes from Orvis HQ in Sunderland, Vermont, the video portrays the kind of landscapes our local grouse-hunting community enjoys.

In the Northeast, ruffed grouse often live on overgrown farmland, which offers mixed hardwoods, a thick understory, as well as old apple trees. You often need to invest some boot leather to find the birds, but what sends us to the woods every autumn is less the chance to fill a game bag and more the chance to spend time with a dog, walking through a miraculous landscape. Scott McEnaney explores a southwestern-Vermont mountainside with Brix, an English setter.

* * *

From November 20 through December 25, pause and de-stress from the frantic pace of the holidays with a daily #MomentofChill—which may involve a frolicking puppy, a crackling fireplace, or the soothing ripples of an untouched stream.

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