#MomentofChill 12.06.19: Salmon Rain

Today’s #MomentofChill, comes from the great Todd Moen of Catch Magazine and features his young son swinging for salmon on a typically wet morning in British Columbia. The reward for his hardiness is a bright-chrome coho salmon, landed just a quarter mile upriver from the salt.

The Coast Mountains of British Columbia force moisture-laden air coming across the Pacific Ocean to rise, resulting in heavy rainfalls along the western slopes. Rising rivers trigger the spawning urges in Pacific salmon, which migrate out of salt water and estuaries, up increasingly small rivers, to their natal spawning grounds. Anglers who cast for these fish—such as 11-year-old Charlie Moen, shown here on the Kimsquit River—must be prepared to brave the elements.

We believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. That’s why, each day through Christmas Day, we will post a “Moment of Chill”—a short video that will transport you to a place where you don’t have to do anything but watch, enjoy, and breathe.

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