#MomentofChill 12.12.18: Magic Hour

We believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. That’s why, each day through Christmas Day, we will post a “Moment of Chill”—a short video that will transport you to a place where you don’t have to do anything but watch, enjoy, and breathe.

Today’s #MomentofChill is from Todd Moen of CATCH Magazine, shot during “the magic hour” on a beautiful spring creek. Who among us would not love to be crouched on this grassy bank with a fly rod in hand?

Many fly fishers love to be on the water at dusk, and for good reason. In times of low light, trout are less wary and are often more likely to feed on the surface. Their fear of predators, especially sight-feeding birds, is diminished, so the fish focus on eating available insects.

During warm summer days, many aquatic insects hatch at dusk, avoiding the harsh sun of midday. These emergences trigger feeding activity by the trout. From an angler’s perspective, dusk offers cooler temperatures, less wind, and gorgeous colors.

And if you’re having a rough day and feel the need for some new chill NOW, visit the Moment of Chill homepage.

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