#MomentofChill 12.18.18: Green Mountains of Autumn

We believe in the power of nature to replenish our spirit and restore balance to our lives. That’s why, each day through Christmas Day, we will post a “Moment of Chill”—a short video that will transport you to a place where you don’t have to do anything but watch, enjoy, and breathe.

Here is your daily #MomentofChill, shot by our own Joel Ruby and featuring fellow Orvis associate Maria Cunningham and me on a mountain stream just over the hill from home office.

Fly fishing has long been a (mostly) boys’ club, and the 50/50 On the Water campaign was designed to inspire and celebrate women in fly fishing. From women-specific gear development, to education and adventure experiences, to nonprofit partnerships and storytelling, we want to create gender parity on the water.

And if you’re having a rough day and feel the need for some new chill NOW, visit the Moment of Chill homepage.

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