Monday Morning Fly-Fishing Video Extra 03.25.13


Welcome to another special Monday mini version of the F5. When I’m putting together the collection for Friday’s festival, I have to stop looking at some point, and then post the videos I’ve got. These three certainly would have made the cut, so here’s a bonus festival to kick off your week.

Down & Dirty Streamer Fishing from Henrys Fork Anglers on Vimeo.

Brady Sessions, Chris Lawson, and Devan Ence spent a beautiful early spring day—well, mostly beautiful—floating the lower Henrys Fork, banging streamers against the bank. The results are plain to see: some beautiful brown trout, not to mention a few bald eagles.

Around this time of year, trout anglers aren’t the only ones getting itchy stripping fingers. Striper fanatics enjoy a great spring season, as well, as this video from Long Island demonstrates.

Tailing Bonefish Quickie VI from Chris Lewis on Vimeo.

There’s no actual fishing in this video, but there’s cool footage of feeding bonefish that will get any flats angler’s blood going. Our friend Chris Lewis of Skinny Water Culture explains that you can learn a lot about how bonefish feed by watching this video: how they use their senses to track down food and how they feed with the tide.

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