More Great Online Fly-Fishing Magazines

If you’re looking for some good reading material or incredible fly-fishing images, then today is your lucky day. Four new online magazines have recently released, and they offer something for everyone.

Catch Magazine‘s 29th issue features gorgeous photo essays on fishing for stripers and bluefish off the New England coast, the guides of Bristol Bay Alaska, trout waters of Idaho, and casting for Atlantic salmon on the Gaspe, among others. Of course, there’s also a wonderful Todd Moen video. Catch Magazine does require a subscription, but it’s worth it.

Click here to read the issue or sign up.

For something a little hipper, more modern, and design-centric, check out the new This is Fly, which offers everything from informative articles, to music mixtapes, to art features. At the center of it all is fly fishing. This issue’s highlights include articles on Iceland and the Baja Peninsula.

Click here to read This is Fly.

Midwestern anglers have their own publication, in the form of A Tight Loop. Great articles, a couple of killer fly patterns, and tons of good photos. What else could you want?

Click here to read A Tight Loop.

Finally, here’s an informative and instructive online production of Orvis Bellevue (Seattle) called Headshake. If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you won’t want to miss this, and even if you don’t fish that region, there’s plenty of good content here: how to tie the X-Caddis and how to tie and fish damselflies and dragonflies.

Click here to read Headshake.

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