My Favorite Dry Fly for Mountain Brook Trout

This fly has had most of the tail eaten right off it, a tribute to its effectiveness.
Photo by Phil Monahan

The best brook-trout waters near the Orvis HQ in southwestern Vermont are fast-flowing freestone streams, which feature lots of pocket water, so I need a high-floating fly that I can see even in frothy, turbulent water. In creating the Hi-Vis Coachman back in the late 1990s, I copied/stole aspects of the traditional Royal Coachman, the Hi-Vis Royal Wulff, and the Comparadun to create a fly that’s tough to sink and hard to miss, even in low light. In fast water, fish don’t seem to mind the garish colors, and I’ve taken many fine brookies and brown trout on the Hi-Vis Coachman. I also tie the pattern in yellow, chartreuse, and white.

Hi-Vis Coachman
Hook: Standard dry-fly hook, sizes 6 through 20.
Thread: Red Ultra Thread.
Wing: Orange deer hair, tied Comparadun-style.
Hackle: Grizzly, clipped flat along the bottom of the fly.
Tail: Orange deer hair.
Body: Four or five wraps of peacock herl, followed by a short section
of red thread or floss, then another three or four wraps of peacock herl.

9 thoughts on “My Favorite Dry Fly for Mountain Brook Trout”

  1. Nice pattern! I can tell you fish for real mountain fish as visibility (for angler and fish) and floatability trump hatch-matching! Gotta tie one up.

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  4. I have tied and fished this fly since I read the article 5 years ago. It works dry and wet. Drown it and strip it through the little pockets and pools works well. This is my go-to fly for small Adirondack brookie streams.

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