“The New Fly Fisher” Ezine Now Available Free!

Regular Fly Fishing blog readers know “The New Fly Fisher”—a Canadian television show—from the many full episodes that we have published at the end of the Friday Fly Fishing Film Festivals and elsewhere. (Such as this recent episode from Hawk Lake Lodge.) But I’m willing to bet that few of you have seen the ezine of the same name, on account of you needed to pay to read it. Few magazines have been able to make this kind of arrangement work.

Well, the good news is that The New Fly Fisher is now free, as explained in this recent announcement:

A natural extension of the popular television series, this exciting digital magazine is into its third year of publication AND NOW IT’S FREE! Published quarterly, it’s available only as an online ezine. Every three months you’re emailed the latest issue, complete with articles, interviews, detailed information on locations, equipment and techniques…with the addition of online videos! Critical fly fishing facts and information, just like you see in the television show… only more!

The new issue offers feature articles on permit, advanced nymphing, and Spey casting, among others. There’s even an article by Tom Rosenbauer that teaches trout fisherman how to catch bonefish. There’s tons of helpful, entertaining stuff for fly fishermen of all stripes.

Click here to check out the new issue.

2 thoughts on ““The New Fly Fisher” Ezine Now Available Free!”

  1. Great to hear. I have wanted to start my own online magazine and it is good to see yours do so well and look so good. It is the signs of the times with the digital format and it seems you are getting in front of the coming waves. Congratulations on a job well done and I hope for your continued success. Oh and thanks for keeping the written word before us in whatever format the future brings.

    Ken McBroom

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