New Issue of This Is Fly Online Now

The latest issue of This Is Fly offers up some really interesting and different kinds of fly-fishing features. Of course, there is also great photography, art, fly-tying lessons, and product coverage, as well, but I feel like the publication has kicked things up a notch this year–really trying to go beyond the same old same old.

The first feature, by guide Matt McCannel, is all about how intimate knowledge of your home water and how its fish behave can make you a much better angler. Other great stories include a Yucatan adventure by Kayla Lockhart, a paean to a beloved fishing dog by Chris Corbin, and a cool look at how adventure fishing and cultural rebuilding can go hand-in-hand on the peacock-bass waters of Colombia. And there’s plenty more where that came from.

Click here to read the new issue of This Is Fly.

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