New Issues of a Tight Loop and Revive Online Now

Two new issues of great online fly-fishing magazines are now available for those of you perhaps stuck inside and dreaming of being on the water. The latest number of a Tight Loop: Fly Fishing the Midwest has a little bit of everything inside. Whether you dig casting small flies to carp, big flies to pike and muskies, or anything to running steelhead and salmon, you’ll find something to entertain and inspire you.

Click here to read the latest issue of a Tight Loop.

The Fall 2015 issue of Revive: A Fly Fishing Journal offers a great variety of articles, this time focused on the state of Oregon’s varied fishing opportunities. With gorgeous black-and-white images from the Deschutes, some vintage-fly-tying lessons, and a cool video from Outside Bend Productions, there’s a ton of engaging stuff here. My one quibble is that someone needs to talk to the guy in charge of fonts. . . .

Click here to read the latest issue of Revive.

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