New Issues of This Is Fly and Revive Online Now

The latest issue of This Is Fly is super Squatchy, featuring a great story about swinging for steelhead and searching for Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. There’s also the usual mix of killer graphics, music, art, and everything else you’ve come to expect from this cutting-edge mag. Don’t miss our pal Leland Miyawaki’s appearance in the article about Occupy Skagit, which seeks to open the river to catch-and-release angling.

Click here to read This Is Fly.

Revive, a quarterly fly-fishing journal, is full of wonderful photography and fine storytelling. And at 214 pages, this new issue has something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed Cameron Mortenson‘s piece on fishing fiberglass rods for big cutthroats on Pyramid Lake.

Click here to read Revive.

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