New Issues of Two Great Fly-Fishing Magazines Online Now

Another snowstorm is enveloping the Orvis HQ as I type, so it looks like a good time to indulge in a little “indoor fly fishing.” Good thing there are a couple of new issues of online magazines to provide entertainment. The February-March issue of This Is Fly offers the usual assortment of cutting-edge graphics, killer photography, and interesting storytelling. From Idaho steelhead to wild fly patterns to an interview with April Vokey, there’s something for everyone.

Click here for the latest issue of This Is Fly.

The online publication focused on Big Sky Country features a great primer by Robert Prince on nymphing without an indicator, along with plenty of other cool content that will make you wish you lived on the banks of the Gallatin or Missouri Rivers. Plus there’s a profile of the folks who have opened a distillery in Missoula, which I am sure to visit when I’m in that city for the 2014 Down the Hatch Fishing Festival in April.

Click here for the latest issue of Montana Fly Fishing Magazine.

5 thoughts on “New Issues of Two Great Fly-Fishing Magazines Online Now”

  1. Just saw the term Idaho Steelhead on the cover of the featured magazine and had to look further. Ever since moving to Idaho a couple of years ago I have been entranced by the beauty of the country and the joy to be found in the rivers. Backpacking into the high-country has opened up alpine lakes and pristine rivers and fish everywhere.

  2. Love to see the “Montana Fly Fishing” Mag. Beautiful photos and relevant articles if you love flyfishing that great state. Any possibility of seeing one for Oregon?

    1. I’ll second that motion. That is a terrific publication. Loved how the first several pages were dedicated to fantastic and enviable photos.

  3. The online magazine is terrific! I have already alerted a couple of neophyte flyfishermen in Montana with whom I fish periodically to follow these magazines on line. I live in Oregon, just 5 minutes from the Deschutes and agree with one of the others above that an Oregon Magazine would be great, especially as we fish the Deschutes year round. Everything from prodigous steelhead on the lower Deschutes to rainbows, cuts, and browns from its headwaters to the Columbia. Not to mention the other great rivers; MaKenzie, etc.

    1. We have so many terrific spots in Oregon. I’m still trying to figure out how to get out east and south from the Portland metro area (but thankfully we do have the Sandy right here.

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