New Online Magazine about Tenkara

Somehow, I missed the launch of a new online magazine dedicated to Tenkara fishing. But now that I’ve seen it, it’s clear that Tenkara Angler is the real deal. According to the folks who produce it, it is a “community sourced” magazine—which means that anyone can write article (and probably no one gets paid). But if you have any interest in Tenkara tackle and techniques, there’s a lot of great information that may expand your notion of what’s possible: smallmouths, streamer fishing, Czech nymphing and more. Check it out.

Click here to read the new issue.

Click here to read the inaugural issue.

5 thoughts on “New Online Magazine about Tenkara”

  1. I have a tenkara rod and not used it much. It will go to the back of the rod cabinet. It’s like going backward. So limiting with no reel, like cane pole fishing. I do love my Helios 2.

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