New Paradigm: A Farm Meets the Flats in Southern Belize

Written by: Lance Peterson, Belcampo Belize

The permit flats of southern Belize are among the best in the world.
Photo courtesy Belcampo guest Sue Novik

As interest in farm-to-table, environmentally responsible food production grows, buzzwords like “organic” and “locally sourced” can become naught more than sales-pitch clichés used to fetch premium prices. However, at Belcampo Belize, sustainable agriculture is far more than buzz. It’s a integral part of a unique travel experience that takes the fly-fishing lodge concept to an entirely new level.

Set on a 12,000 acre nature preserve, Belcampo is situated on the banks of the Rio Grande in southern Belize, a great spot for anglers seeking to fish the renowned flats of the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. World-famous permit fishing, along with tarpon, snook, and bonefish round out an impressive mixed bag of fly fishing options. However, it’s what Belcampo offers off the water that really stands out.

The large organic farm provides the lodge with fresh, local ingredients.

The property features a 3,000 acre organic farm, which supplies more than 70% of the ingredients served to the guests. This means easy access to the fresh, farm-to-table ingredients used to create Belcampo’s signature epicurean delights and artfully crafted cocktails.

Day-to-day food production is a major activity at Belcampo and guests are encouraged to participate. Guided farm tours provide a fascinating introduction to organic farming. Farm-to-table cooking workshops, and jungle foraging for wild foods, are among the many agritourism activities available to guests. “Bean to Bar” chocolate-making classes lead by Belcampo chocolatiers include a tour of the lodge’s cacao plantation, the largest in Belize.

The lodge uses only local, humanely raised meats and sustainable seafood sourced from small-scale, artisanal fishermen. Hogs, lamb, and pastured poultry are raised, butchered, and cured on site.

The combination of incredible fishing and farm-to-table fare is a new combination in a fishing lodge.

With such ambitious agricultural projects under their umbrella, it’s no surprise that Belcampo Belize is the largest private employer in Belize’s Toledo District. The result of Belcampo’s commitment to the land and its people is readily apparent in the quality of the product from farm to fork and beyond.

For more information on Belcampo Lodge, click here or contact Orvis Travel.

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  1. Been to Belize, including Punta Gorda , number of times. I’ll pass, although Belcampo seems to offer some grand things. At age 81, I’m looking for other adventures.

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