Orvis’s New Rod-Repair System is Fast and Streamlined

Rod repairs are no fun for anyone. Luckily, modern technology can make the process easier, and Orvis has just introduced a new online rod repair system that makes it seamless and quick for customers to return their rods for repair and track their progress.

The process starts with rod registration. If you registered your Orvis rod when it was purchased, all you need to do to start the repair process is sign into your account. All your Orvis rods will appear, and then it’s just a simple matter of picking which rod needs repair and answering a series of questions. The entire process takes less than two minutes, including paying the $60 handling fee. The online repair center also includes detailed instructions for packaging a rod for shipping, and you can even print a shipping label if you want. Then all you have to do is drop off the rod at a FedeX shipping center or bring it to a local Orvis company-owned store.

The system than emails an order confirmation, with a repair number that allows you to track the progress of your rod. Of course, customers can always call the Orvis technical line to talk to an expert about the repair, if they desire.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new system is that, for the new Helios 3 rods, a customer can order a new section without returning the entire rod. In the past, you’d have to send in the whole rod, so the repair folks could ensure a proper ferrule fit. But the consistency of Helios 3 blanks and a new ferrule design mean that a new section can be sent to a customer with complete confidence that it will fit perfectly. (Only if the butt section is damaged, does the whole rod need to be returned.)

Rod repair does take up to six weeks, depending on the availability of repair parts. But this new system will greatly decrease the time and effort a customer requires to begin the process. And if you choose to do a replacement section, the repair time can be cut in half.

Click here to check out the new system and to register your Orvis rods.

22 thoughts on “Orvis’s New Rod-Repair System is Fast and Streamlined”

  1. Fishing in the wind, I broke my Orvis Clearwater 765-4pc , 3rd section… Love this rod but a bit disappointed as I already had it repaired on the tip. I question the quality of Orvis since they moved production in China. Sad… What should I do to have it repaired or most likely receive a 3rd section? Thank you for your help. Gilles Leblanc … Adress… 55 Dube str, Grand Falls , New Brunswick, Canada… E3Y1E6. Phone 506-479-1088…

    1. I broke my helios 2 5 wt rod and sent it in for repair via the local Orvis shop. It was turned into Brian on the 20th of September. The order# is 0008802003672. My customer number is 338629744.

  2. My name is also Gilles
    I have had the same problem a broken rod twice and twice Orvis honnored the
    warranty and although the first repair took a little time during the fishing season. The second case as recent as the end of August, is an on going process and after informing the repair department that the new rod would have to be shipped to an alternative address because we would be out of the country, on October 26 received a call from the shipper that the rod was sent to the original billing address and no one was home to receive the package. This morning I placed a call to the repair department informing them of the mishap,they immediately confirm that an error occurred and they would send a new rod this coming Monday to the alternative address. Although the entire process took
    longer than expected, fortunately this happened at the end of our fishing season, no harm was done and I do have a few more Orvis rods. The final outcome is that I am extremely satisfied with the product and general service Orvis provides and will inform my fishing friends to use your products and services.

    Thank you

    1. Gilles,

      I’ll be on my 3rd repair, myself on a 4 wt clearwater. One was my fault but the others were when I was setting the hook and the very tip busted. I’m leery of the quality as well and I don’t know if I’ll get this one repaired or not. For the cost of the repairs, I could have another whole rod. Is this one of those, “you get what you paid for” kind of deals? I’m interested in their Euro Nymphing rods but I’m not going to fork out that $ if they break easier than these.

  3. Also having difficulty opening the repair link. Even the different one provided. Tried calling or is and was directed to the web for the go around. I would appreciate some helpful information so I can get back to the water.

  4. I can get to the repair page as posted, however the link the start the repair is broken and takes me to the orvis homepage.

  5. I must be missing something here, you’re fast Rod repair system takes 4 to 6 weeks. that is not my definition of a fast Rod repair. My rod was given to an Orvis dealer on July 19th. And still have not received it back on August 19th. Sorry to be negative but your representative told me to allow 4 to 6 weeks. Please don’t mislead the public.

    1. My local Orvis store in Reno said 6-10 weeks. I have a trip to New Zealand in 5 weeks so I guess I need to buy a new rod but I’m leaning away from Orvis because of this delay. When I broke my Winston they gave me a loaner.

  6. I broke the metal loop at the rod tip. Told I have to send the whole rod in for repair, or I would void the warranty. I asked them to send me the replacement metal tip, the said “ no can do”, also voids the warranty. Even if I waive the warranty, they won’t send the tip. I asked if the would fix the tip at the NYC Fifth Ave Flagship store, and they said no. My rod is in Florida, where I do my fishing, not with me in NY. Maybe they should stick to selling clothes

    G Loomis has a rapid replacement program.

  7. I cannot not remember date of purchase of 2 piece Clearwater rod can it still be repaired ?

  8. Has anyone ever received a credit for a broken rod? I would consider upgrading my broken rod to a Helios and paying the difference if that was an option.

  9. The video seems contrary to the written instructions. Written instructions have me sending the entire rod back. The video indicates they can just send me a tip. The “chat” function was not working so no support there…

  10. For some reason the site keeps telling me my product is not eligible for repair..? Why is that a thing? Why are certain fly rods eligible vs ineligible? Type of corporate behaviour that turns a customer off from future purchases.


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