OK, Be Honest: What’s Your Fly-Fishing Pet Peeve?

These are hemostats, but each one is a hemostat.
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Okay, let’s start right out by acknowledging the obvious: a pet peeve is, by definition, something inconsequential. It’s nothing more than a nit that you can’t help from picking. And it’s been my experience that fly fishers, like any group of “true believers,” are especially prone to these minor annoyances.

To give you a sense of what I’m talking about, here’s mine: I wince (inside) when people say “hemostats” when referring the medical device used to remove a hook from a fish’s mouth. You see, the correct name is hemostat, with no “s” at the end. It’s short for “hemostatic clamp.” I understand why people add the “s”—since we say scissors and pliers—but it still grates on me. I fully realize that this makes me seem snooty and small-minded, but that’s the thing about pet peeves: you don’t get to choose them. They choose you.

I am sure that I do and/or say things that are pet peeves for others, so now it’s your turn. What silly, small, inconsequential thing drives you nuts about other fly fishers? Be honest now.

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  1. Referring to nylon monofilament as “mono” and fluorocarbon monofilament as “flouro.” It’s all mono. There’s just nylon mono and flouro mono.

  2. I have a few:
    1. Using Latin names, unless you’re an entymologist, just say caddis or mayfly.
    2. Tenkara- my experience with these types is they rarely use the rods length and just trudge half way into a hole to fish to one rising fish on the other side, very annoying to the guys working the whole run.
    3. Excessive Spey talk, I love to swing for fish, but I don’t get the excessive talking of grain weights, tips, scandi/skagit. I understand these terms but instead of dissecting my setup; I like to fish and keep my fly in the water.
    4. Dry fly only, this may be me biggest one. I love dry fly fishing, love it! But I also love throwing streamers, nymphing and swinging wets. The snobbery!!
    5. Chatty Cathies! The part of fly fishing I love is the solitude and connection to nature. I fish with my brother a lot and some days we may say 10 words to each other on the stream. I work in a stressful job (running restaurants). The stream and river is my therapy. I don’t want to hear about the 5 fish you caught and the 10 you missed, or the monster that’s just out of casting reach, or how you fished this river and that river, or how the hatch yesterday was insane!
    I usually keep these to myself and don’t lambast my opinions on the stream. As long as you are courteous and use proper etiquette, I don’t care how you fish! Just leave me be!!

    P.S. I almost forgot, KAYAKERS!!! Go behind us fisherman not through the hole we’re fishing.

    1. not all kayaker go through holes in front of fisherman (even if they are bait hurlers). my pet peeve-fly fishermen who knock boaters. share the resource please

      1. Not all kayakers are ” bait hurlers” we have a club of over 200 fly fishers. About 90% have kayaks and fly fish both salt and fresh water.
        My pet peeve is prejudiced and snobby fly fishers like yourself.

  3. Elitism, it is fishing. The price point of your rod reel package has nothing to do with your skills as an angler. Because you are a “guide” does not make you a “god” fishing is a personal experience that too many times is tainted by attitude.

    1. “You must Match the Hatch!” and “You gotta try Euro nymphing!” Thanks but I prefer a good presentation and a flash back pheasant tail nymph.

  4. Using “fly fishing addiction.” Yes, we are a passionate, obsessive bunch, but but addicts were are not. We don’t shower for days and sleep in our trucks because we can, not because we have to. There is a distinct difference. Time for a new term.

    1. I agree – there’s a difference between being “obsessed” and being “addicted”. I think most fishermen are more on the “obsessed” side….because they really LIKE to fish…not because they HAVE to fish.

  5. Buffs. They look stupid and uncomfortable. you aren’t on the flats directly exposed to the sun all day, you are walking around the river, there is shade, and baseball hats exist. I don’t trust you because I can’t see your face and you look like some sort of thief or ninja. It’s a great sign to show me you are here because you want people to think you are cool rather than to get down to business and toss bugs.

          1. I’m allergic to a chemical that in almost all sunscreens. Rather than have a zinc covered face, I use a buff. And you can use sunscreen.

          2. Sunscreen wears off and needs to be reapplied which is easily forgotten when distracted by the task at hand. Some can ruin your fly line and make your flies smell too. Not only do I wear buffs in the summer, they’re nice on a chilly spring or fall morning to keep a little warmer. Also one more layer against biting bugs.

    1. Fishing in high altitude exposes you to more concentration of harmful sun rays. When it is direct and indirect (bouncing off the water to you), together, it can leave one some bad sun burn. UV buffs are not for everyone, depending upon the locale….I would probably get a laugh from someone in dense brush creeks ,in Maine, wearing a buff on a cloudy day. But there are places they are needed.

      1. I live in AZ have have ghostly pale skin. I always wear long sleeves and use a buff occasionally if I am going to be on a stream that doesn’t over dense shade cover. It keeps me from regretting my decision to be out in the sun for 3 days after that. If that’s isn’t something you have to deal with, you’ll never understand how nice a buff is for those that do.

        1. I’ve had fourteen skin cancer surgeries. I am paying for my sun worshipping youth. I now wear brimmed hats, long sleeves pants, and yes, buffs. So pissoff if you don’t like it.

    2. In Scotland, its rarely sunny, but I wouldn’t be without my buff in summer. A) it keeps the heat in round your neck on cold days ( last summer it was around 9 degrees C most days until late July and B) you have clearly never experienced the Scottish midge. You need something to keep them off you when they decide to descend on you in swarms. Only down side it it doesn’t cover your hands. I don’t exaggerate- I have had to go to the Drs for bites when they have decided I am on the menu. Buff’s are great.

    3. Dude I can’t stand those things, those are the people that take pictures holding fish with their rods over their shoulders. I can’t stand them. That and ppl that yell “Fish on”, like omg you caught one. Now at like you’ve done it before.

    4. Buffs? Could be the guy has half his nose and part of his scalp missing due to skin cancer surgery and repeated skin grafts to cover the “defects.” The skin grafts take at least three months to initially heal and then need to be shielded from sunlight so they do not turn permanently dark brown. Baseball or other hats offer little protection and even the best sunscreens don’t offer the protection one needs, especially at altitude.

    5. Buffs look stupid. I agree. But way more comfortable that sunscreen and after you get a few precancerous moles filleted from your face or other parts of your body, buffs start to look less ridiculous.

    6. I used to think the same thing until I moved to texas. The sun is stronger down here and it feels way better than oily sunscreen. Pull them down to drink lol

    7. If your fishing in salt water say on a flat all day stalking fish in and out with the tides not a tree in sight they can be useful.. but mostly yes it’s just another thing.

    8. Skin cancer is real. When they start burning pieces of your flesh off to prevent you from dying and say to cover up or you can’t be in the sun, you will where whatever is necessary to stay healthy and fish.

    9. Anything to keep the sun off. I hate sunscreen because it feels gross and having to apply it risks getting it onto my gear (fish hate the taste). If you aren’t covering yourself, it’s literally your funeral and shade doesn’t stop the sun.

    10. I love my buffs when the bug are biting and my fleece buff keeps the back of my neck warm on those cold January days in northern Michigan.

    11. I hear skin cancer treatment hurts pretty bad. I’ll keep wearing my buff…thanks. Baseball hats look kind of Gump on the river.

  6. I can see a theme here. Corey Ford, the writer of the Lower Forty column many years ago, once wrote that, “a purist is one who goes to great lengths to deny themselves a little pleasure.” Remember it’s supposed to be fun.

  7. Bait dunkers… Those who use big globs of colored play-dough with glitter in it.. They also always leave the empty jars on the bank and you see globs of this stuff floating down streams.. Terrible.

    1. Agreed. Throw in lures and live bait. They don’t understand that they spook the fish. As soon as one parks within 20 feet of my I leave. That’s why the State stocks ponds and lakes. I call the “Ker-plunkers”.

        1. Actually there is a big difference. A weighted lure is cast with a weightless line (the lure moves the line) whereas a weightless streamer is cast with a weighted flyline. (the line moves the fly).

          1. Not really. You just explained the difference between fly fishing and spin casting. Many streamers weigh just as much as lures. In both cases you are pulling a piece of material through the water with the goal of getting a fish to strike it for reasons of protecting its territory or hunger.

      1. My pet peeve. Douche bag fly fisherman who believe they are better then those who fish with spinning gear and bait.

  8. River etiquette… I wish there was a mandatory class. If I can cast and hit you, you’re too close.

    Also, the price of everyday objects deemed “fly fishing accessories” I.e., nippers a.k.a., $30 nail clippers.

  9. the term “trout bum” is being used way to loosely… If you have to refer to your self as a trout bum or better yet “professional trout bum.” Chances are you’re just a bum or a social media slave.

  10. Gear snobs and gear “populists”. Anyone who has the need to judge others by the rod, reel or line they use makes me want to be someplace other than near them.

    1. larger pieces of wood or small logs too. 1. Just a for a second or two mind you, I thought it was the Creature from the Black Lagoon coming to pull me under. I never got over seeing that movie as a child (I am now 70. So what?). 2. I then thought it was going to roll over me, squashing me on the bottom and then drag me down stream. Honest. It’s why I wear bright colors now – to make finding the body easier. Oh well.

  11. 1. Referring to a fly rod as a “fly pole” or even just a “pole.” Shouldn’t matter in the slightest bit drives me nuts.
    2. Guys who post pictures with completely apathetic faces or even frowns as if that 24″ brown you just caught was barely worth your time. Love seeing the joy it brings!

    1. Yes, thank you. Pole, it’s doesn’t hang telephone wires our light a street…it’s a fly “rod” or “outfit”. It shouldn’t matter but drives me nuts too!

      1. I’m one of the HATED spin fishermen, and if some fly-fishing jerk commented on my gear, I might have to crack him in the head with a rock.

        1. There is room on the water for everyone, spin fly, whatever if everyone just respects each other.

  12. Buffs are a necessity for saltwater fly fishing AND duck or turkey hunting where comfort and camouflage are critical. Don’t wear one for fresh water fly fishing. Re greatest pet peeve, its pockets on fishing vests that cannot be opened with one hand!!!

  13. I’m pretty easy going, and I know that fishing is an individual sport. I’m fine whether you want to throw only dry flies or only wooly buggers. Call it a bobber instead of a strike indicator. Even throw bait and keep a few as long as you’re not killing more fish than you’re allowed. I used to laugh at the “Orvis” guys dressed in shiny new gear who couldn’t cast 10ft in front of themselves, and now find myself swinging Orvis rods, wearing an Orvis hat, and even sport an Orvis sticker on my car 😉
    The problem I have is, when it comes to etiquette infringements, I don’t consider those just “pet peeves”. Your enjoyment of the outdoors is an individual thing – but if what you’re doing is ruining another person’s experience then it’s not just a pet peeve to me. I got to the water early, I’m working a particular challenging stretch and you come around the corner in your aluminum canoe, splashing each other, banging your paddles on the gunwales, dropping your D&D cup in the water, and putting down every fish in the run. When it comes to pet peeves, I know it’s just me and I should just get over it. But littering, pushing in on my fishing “zone”, or otherwise making my experience upsetting because of your inconsiderate behavior will most certainly prompt me to let you know (in no uncertain terms) that you’re being an a**hole.

    And, I’m with you James, too many Latin names….

  14. People who say they love to fish, and then say they could care less about “all that environmental BS”. And hypocritical members of the CCA.

  15. Those that try to turn a simple and pleasurable activity into something only a MENSA member would understand.

    My best example is the first time I spent a long weekend on one of the East’s most famous trout waters. I was camped on a nice stretch owned by a certified Famous Fisherman.

    When I went into the shop looking for a couple more flies that had been so effective the fellow behind the counter sort of sneered at me. All the bins were full of flies with Latin names.

    I couldn’t find what I was looking for and after the shop keeper, upon realizing I was new to the river, explained that I wouldn’t catch anything. Setting himself up beautifully.

    I just looked at him and said I had caught three of these on this and held up a well chewed wooly bugger. The guy actually told me those don’t work here. Kid you not!

    It’s just fishing. And we are trying to trick hungry animals with a brain the size of a pea. Why complicate it more than necessary?

    1. Scrolling through online archives of blogs etc. for entertaining fly fishing antics…. don’t know if you’re still on this forum Doug, but I had to giggle at your reference. Being both a Mensa member and fly fisher, I’m fully with you on keeping things simple….

      1. Fished with one of those Mensa types. He could always match the hatch and would share his flies with me. Loved fishing with him.

  16. People who take the sport of fly fishing too seriously. Losing a good fish or getting skunked is no big deal. It’s all part of the sport. I might get upset if I broke an expensive fly rod though, but I would get over it.

  17. People who don’t know how big their fish are. Don’t tell that 16″ or 17″ fish is a 20 incher and don’t tell me that 20 , 21 or even 22 inch fish is a 6 pounder!

  18. River etiquette issues: Don’t walk through my hole. Don’t fish 2 feet away from me. Don’t leave your junk on the shore. Don’t assume that just because you meet me on the water I feel like having an extended conversation with you. Don’t watch me catch a few fish and then expect me to tell you what took me all day to figure out.

    1. Everett I agree with you on most issues , but that’s one thing I love about fly fishing, the willingness of people to share. I find fly fishers are much more willing to share info. I often tell someone on the stream where and on what and usually give them a few flies if they don’t have what I used.

  19. When people bark at you for naming a well named place on social media acting as it was some super secret spot.

  20. I’m with Doug. I get upset with the shop owners or even others on the steam that must follow the “rules” they read in some book recently. A friend of mine catches a lot of Brookies in tiny streams with yarn. Sometimes it’s fun to try the most ridiculous thing in the box.

  21. The citizen who wallows and splashes in five feet from me and then has the temerity to grunt, “gettinanywhatcha usin?’

  22. When my family members keep fish out of the water for too long. I don’t want to be a jerk because they are people I don’t want to create animosity with, but geez if you’re not going to keep it get the dang thing back in the water.

    Also breaching of the gills. This isn’t really a pet peeve because it isn’t inconsequential, but it makes my skn crawl.

  23. #1-When men think it’s ok to wade into the water and approach me to talk while I’m actively fishing and never looked their way….I figure my back cast will teach one of them someday!
    #2- when someone assumes I need help or advice.

    My time in the water is my time. I’m not above asking for help or socializing when I’m not deep in thought or actively perusing fish.

  24. Oh wait I have a 3rd. Most of the comments above criticizing people for how they enjoy fishing. As long as you’re enjoying the outdoors and being respectful of people and the environment.

  25. Over emphasis of “wild” when talking about steelhead, as if there is a genetic difference. They are simply unclipped fish that are exactly like the clipped ones from the hatchery. In fact many clipped steelhead get past the hatchery and spawn. Those smooth are no more “wild” or “native” than the ones born in concrete.

    1. Unmmm …. Yeah there IS a difference between hatchery raised and wild fish. The merits of stocking steelhead can be debated and there may be quite valid reasons given the challenges of dams, development and a hundred other factors but the differences are undeniable.

  26. When the Orvis Fly Fishing news does not get updated for seven days! How are suposed to live without the our daily tips and news, and no F5. Was so sad I had to resort to a bottle of vino and watch re-runs in The Tug while cuddling my Nemo pillow.

    On a serious note, the use of the word “technical” to describe rivers and fishing conditions. It’s all a challenge, some days more than other but you should always fish every strech of water the best you can. It rediculous to think we have to turn on some magic “technical” fishing skills to fish the famous water. talent if we wanted easy would use worms for bait.

  27. People who crowd my fishing space, let their kids throw rocks where I’m fishing, swim through my fishing area, walk close and cast shadows (I fish super clear water in texas), throw something for their dogs where I am fishing.

    Also when I find a fishy spot and put my first cast in a tree then having to walk through the spot to retrieve my $8 fly… that one drives me bonkers

  28. Videos showing a fish being released where the fisherman let’s the fish slowly slide through both hands thereby wiping off most of the protective slime. When the fish is ready to be released, just let it go!

  29. Taking pictures and posing with dead fish. A steelhead for instance is a magnificent creature that deserves the respect of being photographed in all its glory not a trophy shot right after you took a rock to its head

  30. Anytime a fishing partner “forgets” to pinch the barb, when there is no intention of keeping any fish! SMH (shaking my head) Every time I tie a fly on, either the barb is to be pinched; or else, the residual line is to be clipped from the eye of a fly I’ve already debarbed.
    What started as a mere sport, turned into pure passion <3

  31. Rod companies trying to tell you that there new rods are so much greater than the old model. It’s all a scam!

    1. I’m using tackle I’ve used for more than 40 years. The latest new tippet or whatever holds zero interest for me. And I’m one of the hated spinner guys. This has never happened but if it did, Somebody would lose a $1k fly rod, not to mention maybe getting their jaw broken. If I’m spin fishing, I expect you to stay the hell out of MY hole. In the water or on my body.

  32. Fly tying videos that start with “put the hook in the vice and pinch the barb”. I get it and but keep your values to yourself.

    Also, 2 friends (or maybe they just met) standing in the river away about anything and everything. Please shut up!

    “Good fish”. Constantly used when a fish over 13″ is on the line; especially on videos or tv shows.

    Fluorocarbon snobs.

  33. My pet peeves are all you bitches…Just fish…And don’t leave yah trash around, wear what you want, buff no buff, The sport is expanding people are going to be people. Rude not rude, places that you wish they weren’t, respectful and none respectful

    1. I’m with you friend. I started out Tenkara fishing about a year and a half ago and I used a Western fly rig for the first time about a week ago.

      I didn’t take some over priced guided river tour, I went fly fishing for panfish out of a crappy ole Jon boat. I don’t know the type of fly I used, what weight line I have or type of reel. I do understand the basic mechanics of how it all works and I catch fish despite being terribly ignorant of the details.

      I do practice proper conservation and etiquette to the best of my ability and I go to great lengths not to offend anyone, but if you don’t like my attire or are put off by the fact that I don’t care to learn the names of flies, that’s your problem, not mine.

      Pet peeves…Yea I got one. People with pet peeves.

  34. I absolutely hate when my friends and I go to a bass pond and they chose the most tree covered pond around. It is so hard to back cast and roll casting gets caught in the low hanging trees. But most of the time I still outfish him haha.

  35. Tying a wooly bugger and thinking because you added flash or oversized saddle hackle to the collar it’s a new fly you’ve created, and you get to name it something like Sparkle Me Baby,Green Turd, or Frick’s Fix. And even worse post pictures of them all over forums, blogs, and social media sites. It’s a bugger. And do you really needed 30 thread wraps behind the bead or eyes?

    1. I agree with you… but I’d use a Frick’s Fix over a traditional wooly bugger all day. I’ve caught more of my pb fish on that streamer than anything else. It may be a wooly bugger, but its an improved wooly bugger.

  36. The guys that post 10000 photos on social media of their 20-inch stockers that is missing half its tail and fins, that they caught on a pink worm. Don’t we all wish we had this kind of “skill”

  37. Wow ,well I use buffs too.and it’s not to look cool, or to be play out some g.i joe fantasy roll.i combine running and fishing together in one day.it’s awesome at keeping the sun off my head and neck not to mention keeping sweat out of my eye’s. How is far is my pet peeve I guess it would have to be fishermen telling other fishermen what to do just leave it alone let them fish as long as they know the rules and regulations no problem….

  38. Tying up a boat launch. You should be able to launch and retrieve your boat in 5 minutes or less…you can secure the straps ,move personal items , get a drink etc…away from the ramp.

    Common courtesy and sense.

  39. Tubers…I hate freaking tubers. Most are loud, obnoxious, drunk, and litter. Get in a GD boat or pay a fee like the rest of us do to use the river. I wish states would implement regs requiring tubers to get a license/or register just like fisherman/boaters to use the water. It’s only fair.

  40. The animosity between spin fisherman and fly fisherman need are both after the same thing and it isn’t about the trout or any other species

  41. Having to explain Catch and Release to non fishers, like my late Father-in-Law (God rest his soul!) Showing them a photo of a fish I caught and then hearing “What do mean you didn’t eat it??”

  42. Catch and release gestapo! Not all your released fish survive. If you are so against killing fish then don’t fish!

  43. People that destroy or harm fish or fisheries, bowfishing, rich people that fish twice a year with a guide but know way more than you could ever know, the I roll casted a 22 dry 100 ft to a rising trout guy, people that hate on guys that drive a beat up fly ride covered in stickers, with a kayak on top or a old boat in tow or even an inflatable in the trunk, sorry too busy living it!

  44. Y’all criticizing “fishing poses” is hilarious!! Who cares about how people take pictures. You might as well criticise or judge someone on their waders not matching their clothes. Cancel your Instagram account and get over it.

    But weriously: What’s anoying is the fly gear costs. I can’t find a decent saltwater real for 150 bucks, but at the same time you can get a Shimano 6000 spinning real that will catch anything from tarpon to bone fish at that same price. And here we are with this over marketed Hatch reels for 600+. . (Allen and TFO do have some good products tho.) Also everyone does realize 800 dollar rods almost never make a difference: unless you’re VERY experienced, the average angler couldn’t tell the difference.

    And What’s up with that dude hating on buffs. I look cool as hell in one haha. He must have never fished around the equator, if you’ve got skin exposed, you’ll regret it te next day. I promise.

    I like the idea of having a mandatory etiquette and wilderness training. Keep a fish out of water more than a few seconds is not healthy. Dry hand handling is not healthy. Touching eyes or using big barbs is not healthy. Walking in front of someone’s hole is disrespectful. List goes on. Trout Unlimited should really start leading that effort.

    people not respecting limits and keeper size rules is probably worst damn thing. I saw that a lot fishing in Oklahoma at the LMF.

  45. Didactic people with bad spelling. It’s vise not vice, it’s fluoro not flouro, and when you are using the possessive case it’s its not it’s. And don’t even attempt scientific taxonomy or unfamiliar foreign words if you can’t be bothered to spell them correctly; you just come across as pretentious and ignorant, which is a bad combination.

  46. Since it has been proven that fish survive the act of catching much better if they are kept in the water, showing photos of someone holding a fish out of water should be done away with. Publications that praise the angler/conservationist and fight for untainted habitat consistently show cover photos with large fish being held out of the water. While I know each person is different I watched two anglers/photographers kill a fish by taking so many photos that the fish, when released, it simply floated away on the surface. Cries from nearby anglers did not do much to change their minds.

  47. My first biggest pet peave is the people always hating on fly fishing traditionalists. If I tell someone that I only use dry flies and traditional wet flies and not nymphs, they get all defensive as if they secretly know that using weighted-bobber-splitshot rigs or 7″ streamers isn’t really fly fishing.
    My next pet peave is bastardization of fly fishing, trying to make it something it’s not. If you must bottom fish or use giant 7″ baitfish imitations why not use spinninh gear.
    No. 3 is the fast action rod craze, these stiff bullwhips are simply not pleasant to cast. A bamboo or fiberglass rod feels much softer and delicate.
    Lastly, I can’t stand “C&R nazis.” A bunch of tree huggers. I keep a few trout and sometimes panfish, and it definitely completes the experience for me.

  48. Just people who don’t take care of their stuff. Whether it be a 30 dollar spinning rod or a $3000 bamboo fly rod you should take care of it.

  49. Comment: If they are hemostatic clamps… then hemostats or hemostat is neither correct or wrong as an abbreviated term.

    My biggest pet peeve: people that complain or ‘pet peeve’ about how someone else fishes. I enjoy the people that are just happy to fish, and happy others enjoy it as much as I do. Don’t care how they do it, how they treat their own belongings, what they call certain things, if they want their rod on their shoulders, if they wear a buff or fish naked; all of that is aside the point. We are all out here to fish, who cares how someone else is doing it, unless they are breaking the fishing regulations, disrespecting or harming caught fish, or littering. Keep all this negativity down stream from me.

    Stop pet peeving/judging and keep fishing. Only stressing yourself out.

    True fishermen don’t give a shit about you, only the wildlife and our streams.

    1. Fished with one of those Mensa types. He could always match the hatch and would share his flies with me. Loved fishing with him.

  50. 1. People who insist on talking about, and fishing for smallmouth bass in flowing waters as if they were simply another (albeit lesser) form of trout, and therefore “trout” rules should apply and be used. And if you don’t agree, you are some sort of heathen.

    2. People who look at you and how you fly fish, and say (with great authority), “Oh, that’s not fly fishing.” Serenity now, please!

  51. My biggest pet peeves with fly fishing are the fly fishermen in general and all the pretentiousness that comes with it.

  52. Braggers!! In Red Lodge we catch small fish (~10” average). Locals know our fish and when we hear a windy start bragging at the bar…”nice 18 incher on a Adams in October” we want to spilt beer.

  53. My peeve is with videos that use Go-Pros. The result is often a bouncy video that makes you seasick or all you see is hands and the reel.

    Also, watching a video where the videographer uses too many quick cuts. An occasion quick cut is fine but a minute of quick cuts is too much.

    And, if you are doing a fishing video don’t spend five minutes driving and then five minutes talking. Let’s see some fishing action.

  54. For me, it’s people calling every fly they tied with a substituted material or different color a “variant”. It’s a variation on the pattern.

    A “variant” is reference to a fly tied specifically with oversized hackles. That definition has been completely lost over the years.

    Also, peoples obsession with coming up with a name for “the fly they invented” that is simply a slight variation of an existing fly. A hares ear tied in a different color is still a hares ear… A thin mint is nothing but a wooly bugger in a specific color scheme.

    So petty, pet peeves.

  55. Superfluous truncation. Calling the Chattahellamongotoosie River the “Chatty” makes sense. I once read a magazine article that referred to the Manistee River as the “Mana.” Really, to save one syllable? And calling stealhead “steelies” is the ultimate as it saves no breath at all.

  56. Elitists, lead split shot being used, barbs on hooks, not using WET, bare hands, to handle Trout, encroachers.

  57. Tubers. Way more annoying than kayaks. Many are inebriated. They cannot steer their “craft” they splash, shout and have a penchant for really messing up a decent run. I don’t mind sharing the public river, and I hold my tongue… mostly. It is hard when the tuber has just splashed over the area of the river you are fishing and then asks about “how are you doing?”.

  58. Fishermen who litter. Calling a big trout a pig or a hog. Keeping fish you intend to release out of water too long. 99 percent of fisher people I meet on the stream are great guys and gals.

  59. I like fly pole. Although I use both terms. Called them as such for over 50 years. Probably because my dad called them fly poles and I have such wonderful memories with him. He was really good with it too.

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