Opening Day Blues for the Battenkill

bkill gauge

The Battenkill is fishable below, say 1,300 cfs at the Battenville gauge, across the state line in New York. As you can see, we’re almost double that.

photo courtesy USGS

Tomorrow is Opening Day for trout in Vermont, but unfortunately conditions are simply awful, as you can see from the water level and weather report. I’ve been waiting for five long months to cast for one of the Battenkill’s big, wild brown trout, and now I have to wait even longer. Grrr. Looks like I’ll be limited to pond fishing, for a little while, at least.

I’ve made it a personal goal to fish more this spring, as events—both work- and family-related—conspired against me in 2012. If everything works out, I’ll have some photos to share here. Wish me luck.

opening day eve

Tomorrow’s high will be in the 50’s, but this nighttime weather ain’t gonna help.

photo courtesy

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