Photo: “Orvis Girls” on the Run in Southwestern Montana

Written by: Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

Maggie (left) and Jenny shared a three-day tour of some of Montana’s iconic trout waters.
Photos by Maggie Mae Stone and Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff

We are #orvisgirls.

The genesis of this adventure was two years ago in Missoula, Montana at the Orvis Guide Rendevous. In a very male-dominated sport, it was no surprise that the few talented and able female anglers would find ourselves together sharing stories and improvements in our passion.

It was chilly on the Madison, but the rainbows didn’t care.

After an amazing couple years of working—enjoying many awesome trips, customers, and staying in touch through social media—this year, we decided to make a tour of a lifetime through southwestern Montana on some of the most iconic and blue-ribbon waters in the world.

Jenny landed this beauty in Maggie’s secret spot.

It all started at the airport in Bozeman, when Jenny flew in from great weather in Texas to a dreary rainy-and-snowy day in Montana.

This is what keeps Maggie coming back.

That didn’t stop us from some awesome fishing right off the bat on the Madison River, ending in great food and drinks in Ennis.

Aaaaaaaand another one.

Our next adventure was across the mountain range in a special—and top-secret—place for Maggie. We enjoyed fishing for awesome Browns all evening and were blessed with an epic sunset, which lit up the surrounding mountains in golden light. How else would you want to end a day in Montana?

The rainbows are extremely feisty this time of year.

The following day, we traveled to the Missouri River, where we caught one nice, hefty fish after another fishing nymph rigs and big streamers. The trout were very aggressive, and they hit like a hurricane. We fished till dark-thirty enjoying every minute.

The trout on the Missouri were eager to eat nymphs and streamers.

On Day Three, we hit Ennis Lake at the confluence of the Madison River. Fishing was slow at first, but before the end of the day we were definitely into some monsters. At one point, Maggie swore she was hung up on a rock, but it was a huge trout that ate the fly and stuck itself on the bottom. Once we cried and laughed it off, Jenny then hooked into the fish of the day. The fight was amazing!

You never get tired of landing trout like these.

We are so thankful that Orvis puts on such an influential fishing event each year. This gives us guides the opportunity to build lasting friendships and unlimited network opportunities.

Putting another one back.

Maggie Mae Stone is a guide at The Tackle Shop in Ennis, Montana, as well as a former Trout Bum of the Week. Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff guides on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Oklahoma. Check out

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  1. If you come to Fly Fish South western Montana make sure to stop by the Tackle Shop in Ennis. Plan a guided trip with Orvis guide Maggie Mae. I guarantee you will have a great time. She’s is very knowledgable about all of the rivers is this area. Super chill and Fun to fish with!

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