Orvis Guide Rendezvous Raises $ for Stream Clean-Up

Written by: Scott McEnaney, Eastern ELOG Fishing Director

The DTH in Asheville was about more than just fun.
Photo by Jason Sandlewick, via Instagram

As we recently posted, a crew from Orvis descended upon Asheville, North Carolina for the first of two 2015 Orvis Guide Rendezvous. We have been doing these events all over the country for nearly 30 years, but this was the first time ever for Asheville. Western North Carolina has a rich fly-fishing culture and was the perfect location. We had over 140 fishing professionals in attendance, who were all there to interact with each other, learn about Orvis, gather ideas for staying on the top of the fly-fishing industry, and just plain have fun.

A core value at Orvis is the protection of the natural resources we benefit from.  Given that, Orvis never does an event like this without having some benefit go toward conservation. This year’s conservation effort is something we dubbed “get the tread out,” which is a river clean up – tires and all – of the South Holston River.

At the Down The Hatch Film Festival, we raffled items from Orvis and other supportive companies, and also donated the cost of the ticket sales to this effort. Thanks to all those who donated to the cause:

The Orvis Company

Titan Rod Vault

Smith Optics

Flood Tide Co.

Paul Puckett

Flymen Fishing Company


Costa Del Mar

Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy


In addition to the above, the Tennessee Valley Authority (those who control the dam) donated $1,000 to this effort.

All this filthy lucre will go to getting the junk out of the SoHo.
Photo by Scott McEnaney

Orvis is proud to announce that we will be using the $3,346 we received through this effort to clean up the river this coming September at a date still to be determined.  We are proud of our guides, or vendors, and our partners in the Asheville region for helping us to make this happen!

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  1. Great read guys! I’m so jealous that I wasn’t able to be a part of it!

    Twitter Handle: @SamuelCruz961

    P.S. Slight typo in the first paragraph. I believe you meant 2015.

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