Orvis Helps Its Associates Make Their Voices Heard on Election Day

At Orvis, we believe that voting is the key to a successful democracy and instrumental in ensuring that our outdoor passions remain protected, restored, and accessible for future generations. 

To support our Orvis Family’s right to vote on November 8 we are:

  • Opening all retail stores at noon to give associates time to vote first;
  • Making Tuesday, November 8 a No Meeting Day; 
  • Working with associates to make any time or schedule adjustments required to allow in-person voting that day; and
  • Paying any associate who works at the polls on Election Day or crediting them with paid time off. 

To find resources that can help make it easier for you to exercise your right to vote, visit Vote.gov

4 thoughts on “Orvis Helps Its Associates Make Their Voices Heard on Election Day”

  1. Thank you, Orvis, for once again sharing your philosophy with employees in a way that really makes it work. Thank you for your leadership and down-to-earth sense of honesty!

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