Photo of the Day: Orvis Intern Sets Vermont State Record?

Ian holds up his trophy fish, perhaps the only record he will ever hold.
Photo by Jared Zissu

On Thursday evening after work, Orvis marketing intern Ian Conde experienced an epic fishing moment. Stalking a beautiful trout stream in the Green Mountains of Vermont, he spotted a shadow moving in the distance. With a perfectly timed cast, Ian dropped his trusty Prince Nymph with precision in front of the elusive fish, and Smack! A donnybrook ensued, as the fish greyhounded across the pool. Using all his angling skills, Ian was able to finally get the beast to the net. Could this be a Vermont state record?

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Orvis Intern Sets Vermont State Record?”

  1. My wife and I were there that day. It was gorgeous! We were in heaven! But remember, big things come in small packages. A gorgeous day and a gorgeous place produce gorgeous fish – no matter the size!

  2. Haha! I, myself, have wrestled these brutes off Kelly Stand! With the barb flattened, it’s even more of a challenge. My compliments to Ian. Did you need to use Icy-Hot on your arms when you returned home?

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