Orvis Joins Time to Vote to Increase Engagement in Our Democracy

In the last presidential election, in 2016, voter turnout was the lowest it had been in 20 years, with just over 58% of eligible Americans casting a ballot. That means that more than 40% never exercised their right to go to the polls. One of the most common reasons people give for not voting in the United States is that they are too busy with the demands of work and life. This year—because of the global pandemic and all the upheaval that has come with it—those demands and pressures may be ever greater. 

At Orvis, we believe that voting is the key to a successful democracy, and Orvis is proud to join more than 1,400 American businesses that have committed to giving employees the time and tools they need to be active and engaged citizens. Time To Vote is a nonpartisan movement, led by the business community, to contribute to the culture shift needed to increase voter participation in our country’s elections.

As part of this effort to highlight the critical nature of the day, Orvis will support its associates in these ways:

  • Make Tuesday, November 3rd a No Meeting Day; 
  • Provide voting information, such as polling locations, mail-in ballot cutoff dates, and so on;
  • Open retail stores at noon to give associates time to vote first;
  • Work with associates to make any time or schedule adjustments required to allow voting in person that day; and
  • Pay any associate who works at the polls on Election Day or credit them with paid time off. 

Working Americans should not have to choose between earning a paycheck and casting their ballot. To find resources that can help make it easier for you to exercise your right to vote, visit Vote.gov

100 thoughts on “Orvis Joins Time to Vote to Increase Engagement in Our Democracy”

  1. Thank you for your effort to help each and every one to perform their civic duty and VOTE. I also wish and hope you will endeavor to back our President in his effort to make and keep America great safe and secure. Their are very few in this great country able to endure the constant struggle he has had for over three years. With all our support America will have Mr. Trump back to grow America. Thank you.

    1. With all due respect, this president is no friend to the environment, and hence anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the recreational opportunities it provides would be foolhardy to cast their vote in his favor. With his complete disregard for climate change, racial justice and inclusivity, and the plight of the common man (and woman), Donald Trump has proven that he does not deserve a second term in office. So, yes, I applaud Orvis’ commitment to helping to get out the vote, but that said, I sincerely hope that all who do vote will keep this record in mind when they go to the polls.

      1. Well said Win Bowron. I don’t think our constitutional democracy will survive another four years of Trump and his den of thieves.

        1. are you discussing the gentleman that has created the best economy in america while giving tax breaks to the hard-working people throughout the country.

          maybe it’s time to educate yourself more about the great things this president has done then try to destroy this country at the hands of Biden and the socialists who are in bed with bernie sanders now

          1. the best economy for hard working americans? You mean for white-supremacist. Trump made it better for them crackers, not for POC. This is not even y’all’s land.

          2. Fast forward
            Trump gave tax breaks to the rich. Biden’s economy is actually doing well and more jobs have been created than with Trump, even if you wipe out the losses due to COVID.

        1. How dare the democrats work for a fairer deal for everyone regardless of colour or background. How dare they work for affordable healthcare for all. Lets call the communists even though they aren’t. That will persuade everyone and Trump is Jesus. That should do it. Make America a
          Joke again.

          1. Christ, we are doomed after reading many of these comments. So many uneducated ‘followers’ of the MSM elixir that is fed to them day after day. On one hand the orange man is bad and yet the alternative Hillary and the Clinton machine bilked America and Haiti out of billions for disaster relief. What is the Clinton death toll up to? Is it 32 or more not including Seth Rich?

          2. How do you like your $5.50/gal gas…..nice work Mr. Can’t Form a Sentence. Geez wake up people.

        2. How dare the democrats work for a fairer deal for everyone regardless of colour or background. How dare they work for affordable healthcare for all. Lets call them communists even though they aren’t. That will persuade everyone and Trump is Jesus. That should do it. Make America a
          Great Joke again.

        3. I suspect you don’t really know the difference between communism and democratic socialism, since you don’t know the difference between your and you’re…

      2. Absolutely, with respect to the importance of voting your own conscience, I cannot find any legitimate basis to vote for Trump. The argument of voting against Biden does not legitimize voting for someone like Trump who has been so bad for the environment and America in general.

        1. Not true. Trump has expanded federal protections for our US natural resources. If you mean”global warming”, the say that and I’ll fix that for you as well.

          1. President Donald Trump by no means should be disgraced or spoken down upon. Personally am far from perfect. He is the epitome of our forefathers concept of passing the torch to carry. He may be offensive to some where personality is, but he’s never been about pomp and circumstance. The constitutional republic by democracy experiment worked for over 200 years. Lifetime politicians were never meant to be. No more than a two terms with pay of a stipend was quoted, by our forefathers. Davey Crockett served in the war of 1812, served in Congress, went on to fight in the Alamo!

      3. cut the BS Bowron .Do you really believe us puny humans can stop a volcano,a tsunami,a hurricane,a tornado . What happened a thousand years ago?I think the Vikings were farming Greenland.If you really think we can control the environment then start with controlling the sun. We sure as hell can reduce these wildfires by managing our forests better. Also we need to build better.Green roofs,big cisterns any time a large building goes up,big cisterns on any major development.It seems to me this should be a local responsibility.GET INVOLVED! We can f–k things up but in the end the environment will win

      4. Thanks for spreading the truth. I’m a first generation American and that’s exactly why my Parents, and now I, are here.

        1. I love Orvis and I respect what they are doing here but I believe what looks great on the surface will indeed be the single biggest Trojan horse of all time. This is sold as non-partisan but will ultimately prove to be very partisan.
          Our country as we know it is in deep trouble

      5. yes … amen…there are some IDIOTS posting here, one would think as an outdoorsman they’de be for Trump and not COMMUNISM. and for law & order and not ignoring law & order like Biden…Biden Obama was the worst presidency in history or in the top three behind Woodrow Wilson and Carter

      6. I totally agree with Win. I suspect that many people who are posting are Fox and Friends watchers. They are not allowed to call themselves a news organization. It would be better for all concerned if they watched real news. A newspaper such as the New York Times must print accurately or they will be forced to retract the inaccuracy. Trump put someone who does not believe in climate change in charge of the EPA and pulled out of the Paris Agreement. It’s not that difficult to find facts if you actually want to find them.
        I also agree that our democracy will not survive another four years of this administration.
        Finally, I agree that Americans need to be given time to vote. I would consider election day to be a holiday.

      7. What you have stated here is absolutely untrue.

        Donald trump is absolutely in favor of preserving our water and our environment however he is not in favor of destroying our economy and our ability to earn a living.

        Orvis products are not inexpensive and if we go along with Biden with the green new deal there will be nothing left for us to enjoy.

        Time to wake up and do some research instead of buying into the propaganda

      8. Thank you for your response. I never believe anyone or what comes out of their mouth. I always do my own research so I can act accordingly & know the “Facts”. That said, this issue on climate change unfortunately is another fake news article. A well-known Scientist & 1 of 50 experts on this subject said 2 months ago. There is a change in the earth as it has happened many times over thousands of years. Planet earth must make changes to compensate mother earth. I did not say that the “expert said it”!!
        And here is another article along the same lines again stating climate change must happen as a normal process on the earth. After all, you, me, & all Orvis customers have helped play a role in destroying our planet & our nature! This has nothing to do with Politics. This Vote is about continuing to be Americans or turn it over to the Socialist.

      9. Please read “Apocalypse Never” written by a green peace activist in the trenches. You will begin to understand why we have not been told all the information

      10. Bowron you are a simple sh*t! President Trump did more to help the middle class and minorities than the senile POS presently occupying the White House who is hell bent on pitting us against each other and destroying our Constitutional Republic. Yes Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy! You are too dumb to get it!

      11. Bradon is against everyone and everything about Freedom and Sovereignty. If you are diligent enough to do Your Own Research and Learn THE TRUTH!!! Check into UN Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030. That’s what we are being pushed towards. They have seven years to reach their goals.

    2. If you wanted that jackhole back in office, you would would not support Orvis’ efforts to get out the vote. The only way that clown show wins is through the suppression of the American voter, fraud, and fear. He and his heather, unethical minions tried to overturn the results of the great American democratic process of voting.

      I respect all efforts, regardless of political perspective, to get out the vote, and I applaud and respect Orvis’ participation in the democratic process.

  2. I am very pleased to learn of Orvis’s participation in the Time to Vote initiative and the excellent policies it promotes. Well done!

  3. Wonderful effort!! Let’s everyone support all efforts to increase voting. This is especially important in a election as significant as the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections! Please VOTE–everyone! And please help others near you, if they need helping getting to the polls!

  4. What ever happened to the good ole days when Americans MADE time to fulfill their civic duty?. While I do appreciate Orvis’ intent, you expose a lazy population. Do your employees really all work 12 hour days? My husband was in the military for 37 years and voted absentee in every election out of necessity. His votes probably never counted. When he retired from the Navy in 05, we became Texas residents, where he was able to vote in person for the first time in his life. In spite of a second career, a 1.5 hr commute each way, he has never missed voting in person in any election, on election day, no matter how slim the window of opportunity. It is a sacred right he didnt get to experience until age 56. It is HIS privelege to exercise, not his employer’s. We are bending over backwards to accommodate and spoonfeed voters.

    1. Yea for your husband but sadly, voting is not as important to a lot of people but it is important to our democracy so if we can make it easier/more convenient for them to vote let’s do it. How about making national elections on Sunday or declare national Election Day a national holiday?

    2. You are so correct, Christine! Citizens have the obligation to get to the polls or vote absentee or vote by mail. If you don’t make the effort, then it wasn’t important enough. It’s on you and nobody else. Always has been and that’s the way it should be.

    3. Good morning, Christine.

      Thank you for stating such. You are 100% correct. Employer-driven “get out the vote” campaign are really left-leaning, not-so-thinly-veiled messaging to disrupt the status quo. Man, I wish companies – retailers and restaurants – made similar efforts in encouraging their employees to “resist” arbitrarily-established gubernatorial mandates that are destroying economies nationwide.

      Thank you.

    4. Very well said.
      The problem we have today is everyone wants everything free and it’s done on the backs of the hard-working taxpayers at the hands of the democrats who promote this destruction of our republic.

  5. The more voices that are heard, the more representative our democracy becomes. Thank you for making a sacrifice so your employees can all add their voices to help build the country we all want.

  6. I approve of your efforts to get people to vote in person. At age 88 I find this to be the most important election in my life time. No other president could have accomplished what he has done while being hounded by the liberal press. Forget the twitters and lack of expanded vocabulary and save our democracy.
    Vote Republican

    1. Spot on. I’m only 67 and see exactly the same. Fall of the greatest democracy ever? Vote Trump or we will see?

  7. Prior to retiring, I was an Orvis vendor. When we did business, I came to know the Orvis management/employees to be sincere, honest people. I could always count on Orvis to do the right thing. Thank you for reaching out encouraging American voters to participate. No matter what political party with which one associates, it’s so important to participate. Kindly ignore the current rancor that some seem to thrive on and do your duty as an American.

    Thanks, again, Orvis!

    Michael Callahan

  8. As a fly fishing enthusiast, hiker and outdoorsperson who also worked for Orvis, I applaud my former employer for encouraging all to participate in our democracy. Thank you Orvis!

  9. As an orvis employee, I appreciate the fact that you are working with us so that we can vote, the posters that you have put up all over the building are amazing. I think this is such an important election that we must all get out and vote. Thank you for all the encouragement that you have given us.

  10. Isn’t it a DAMN shame that Orvis is merely trying to encourage people to vote and their efforts have immediately turned into a political debate. Shame on all of you!
    I’m disgusted.

    1. I totally agree. I have my opinion, but I want everyone to be able to express theirs. I cringe at the idea that we suppress someone’s vote.

  11. I have many friends who immigrated to this wonderful country for a “chance” at a better life, they knew that nothing was guaranteed to them. They left professional lives in marxist/socialist/communist countries to start over at the bottom rung to enjoy the freedoms that so many Americans do not understand and take for granted. They have worked hard, never asking for hand outs only a hand up. The idea of a real, honest and safe election was foreign to them. They are all naturalized citizens now, still hard working, productive and proud of their accomplishments. They are also very humble. I listen to them and their stories of persecution under unsympathetic governments and respect their views on what freedom means to them. They understand the true meaning of freedom and they vote, conservatively.

  12. Polls are open from 7am to 7 pm. Why open stores at noon? Why re arrange schedules? People who really want to vote will make sure that they do. Whether they vote early, by mail, or day of the election.

  13. What is wrong with you people?!?! I guess, as they say, no good deed goes unpunished. What Orvis is trying to do here is encourage people to get out and VOTE, regardless of your ideology or political affiliation. I applaud Orvis for giving time off to employees to do just that. We are all outdoorsmen/outdoorswomen here, why does everything have to turn into a partisan brawl? You should be ashamed of yourselves. I wouldn’t want to hunt, fish or shoot with you.

    1. What’s wrong with encouraging people to vote? Everything seems wrong to everyone nowadays, no one can do right without a party getting their panties in a bunch. That’s the America we live in, where if you choose to live life a certain way you get ridiculed or demeaned. You can’t even encourage people to vote I guess. If you are an extreme right or left then you aren’t for America, you are in it for your own political party and your own ass because not all Americans live the same life the same way. Not all Americans struggle with the same fights.
      Thank you Orvis, we appreciate the efforts to encourage people to vote IF THEY WANT TO VOTE.

  14. I believe that Orvis is more than a little hypocritical as it presents itself as a democracy and environmental advocate while doing the bulk of its sourcing and purchasing from countries which are the antithesis of democracy and free thought, and the most vile destroyers of the environment in the world.

  15. Sadly, both parties have become so polarized, so contentious and so shortsighted that they are strangling this country. Coupled with obvious media bias, it’s hard to know what to believe or who to trust. Vote your values, trust your instincts and God bless America.

  16. To my American friends,
    I believe the message was to go out and vote,clearly Orvis maintained a distance to which way your ballot should be cast . Be the nation you were known to be and simply do what you feel is the right move and not do mock each other, that in itself will keep the democratic process intact.
    Tight lines in the meantime.

  17. I go to ORVIS to shop, not here about politics and ridiculous dribble about partisan punch lines, and falsities.
    There are plenty of other places where folks can stress their opinions.

    1. So true about the spewing of political opinions in many of the comments here. I go to Orvis to shop and to be inspired (see Moments of Chill). Outdoor adventures are one of the best parts of being alive, and Orvis helps motivate me to pursue them.

  18. Man Does not the right to Destroy the Earth. REMEMBER that God owns the world. Chief Joseph wants Said The Earth doesn’t Belong to man.

  19. The other day Vice President Pence said, “President Trump and I have a (health care) plan.” So as less Americans are alive every day due to COVID-19, when that fictional plan is invented: presto, less people to cover! I assume most Orvis customers have good health coverage, but so many others, often family members, do not. As this pandemic continues to spread, as viruses mimic financial “compound interest”, we cannot endanger our lives and our children’s any longer. This President clearly doesn’t care, so we must! And really, he is NO dog lover.

  20. I guess Orvis has removed posts they did not like. Nice move, Mr. Perkins. While you are at it, please remove my name and electronic mail address from your records.

    Thank you.

    1. We removed comments that included profanity, personal attacks, and obvious falsehoods–all of which we do not allow. As you can see above, there are plenty of comments from all sides of the debate that didn’t violate our policies.

      1. Neither did my original comment, Phil, nor did the one (Christine) to which I was replying. I was, however, able to get both restored. And received an apology from Tanner K. at Orvis We Listen . An initial appearance made it seem that Orvis simply removed comments with which they disagreed or had engaged in a Dorseyesque censorship move. I am happy to learn that cooler, more reasoned heads prevailed.

  21. Thanks, Orvis, for leading by example and encouraging other employers/organizations to be more aware of ways to foster participation in the voting process. Your employees are fortunate to be a part of this effort – many working people are not so lucky.

  22. I add my thanks to you, Orvis, for what seems like a no-brainer, except it isn’t. The record shows clearly that Republicans in many states have gone to great lengths to suppress voters of a particular type (Democrat-leaning, Black, poor, immigrant). (Alabama has an amazing list of voter-suppression efforts, but Florida and Mississippi and others have long histories.)
    I am now supporting businesses with records of equity and justice–doing this more consciously than ever. So I will not buy anything anymore from the well-known, similar-to-Orvis rugged clothes businesses. I am also looking into local businesses, noting, for example, a family name on a public letter that promotes anti-women, anti-Black, anti-diversity, uber-Christian efforts.
    Please take a moment to do this yourself. You may not agree with my politics, but we all should have the right to vote with our wallets as well as in elections (which many are prevented from doing). Consider whether the richest man in the world runs amazon fairly for everyone involved. Read up on what this mega-corporation does that ends up shuttering many small local businesses.
    Some canned health foods companies joined with Hobby Lobby and others to prevent an employee from getting legal health coverage for something they disagree with–contraception use. The ACA set it up so that all a company like that had to do was fill in an online form and the government would cover the cost from the health insurance company. ONE ONLINE FORM. Too much trouble. Too bad for a woman trying to practice family planning. So check it out and make your own decisions.
    Be well. Stay safe if you can. Many cannot.

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