Orvis Mother’s Day Video to Help Casting for Recovery Reach More Women

Using fly fishing as part of the healing process has been CfR’s mission for two decades.
Photos courtesy Casting for Recovery

Back in April, when we launched a video featuring a mother and daughter fishing, we asked folks to share it with the hashtag #LongLiveMoms, and Orvis would make a $1 donation—up to $10,000—to Casting for Recovery for each share. Thanks to your help, we reached our goal, and we thought it would be cool to see how CfR planned to put the funds to use.

Reaching a more diverse population is part of CfR’s new initiative.

Here’s what Whitney Milhoan, the organization’s Executive Director, told us that the Orvis donation will be used to support program expansion this season:

We are really excited about launching a new regional program to serve women in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. This is an area that is currently unserved by CfR, with high rates of breast cancer. The program is part of a larger diversity initiative by CfR to reach more women of color and socioeconomically depressed populations. It’s really a unique and important opportunity to serve as women as possible—particularly those who can really benefit from both the peer support, and the healing connection with nature—who might not otherwise have access to support and resources.

Orvis is proud to work with CfR and proud that so many of our readers were willing to share the video in honor of moms everywhere.

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  1. It’s nice to see people help women fight and cope with cancer. There is so much we can do to help these people with just the everyday struggles of cancer. Great article!

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