Orvis Partners With Local Manufacturers to Support Roanoke Homeless Community During COVID-19

An Orvis associate in our Roanoke, Virginia, fulfillment center sews a protective mask for a local nonprofit.

Orvis is working together with local partners near its Roanoke, Virginia, fulfillment center to manufacture masks for the homeless in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Demand has increased for non-medical-grade face masks since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a recommendation that individuals wear cloth face coverings in public settings. Orvis’s efforts will directly support Roanoke-based non-profit Rescue Mission, an organization providing shelter and resources for the regional homeless population.

“There is a very real need for masks among our homeless population here in Roanoke,” says Roanoke Rescue Mission CEO Lee Clark. “These masks are making a tremendous difference in keeping people safe, particularly those with existing medical conditions who are at greatest risk of infection.”

Folks at Chervan hand-cut the mask material, which is then stitched at Orvis.

Orvis is collaborating with local furniture manufacturer Chervan to cut patterns, which Orvis is using to stitch together the face masks. Currently, Orvis employees are able to produce up to 2,000 masks each week, the majority of which are donated to Rescue Mission. These masks will be used to protect members of the local homeless community who may be more vulnerable to infection and complications, as well as Rescue Mission staff who are caring for these community members.

“The impact of this pandemic on our communities is heartbreaking, particularly the impact we are seeing on the homeless. We have a long-standing relationship with Roanoke Rescue Mission and we’re proud to help,” says Ken Smith, Orvis VP of customer operations.

The masks will help protect Rescue Mission employees who are helping the homeless in Roanoke.

In addition to the masks being produced for Rescue Mission, Orvis is also providing masks to its own team members in Roanoke, who are working to ensure customers are continuing to receive excellent service from Orvis.

To make additional donations, and to learn more about the nonprofit Rescue Mission, please visit their Ways to Give page. To learn more about Orvis, and its other philanthropic programs, please visit our Conservation pages

17 thoughts on “Orvis Partners With Local Manufacturers to Support Roanoke Homeless Community During COVID-19”

  1. COVID has made a difference in everyone’s lives. For some it is the loss of a job, the loss of social relations. Someone lost their loved ones.
    But those who demand special help and support also suffer. It’s good when the world is united around one common misfortune.

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  10. Thank you for sharing this. And of course thanks for doing this. Unfortunately, many of us were simply in dire situations during the pandemic, and this affected not only us directly, but also all the more vulnerable sectors of society. I admire what you do for such people. I hope that none of us will ever know what to be in the place of such people, and after the Pandemic is over, we will be able to return to normal life.


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