Orvis/TU 1,000 Miles: Impatient Brookies…and how you can help!

Native Brook Trout take advantage of a plastic lined diversion stream
Photo by Trout Unlimited

So how would you feel about having to wait thirty years to spawn?! Yeah, us too. But before we send you off to read about how Orvis and TU solved this frustrating situation for a bunch of highly grateful brook trout, take a minute to visit the 1,000 Miles Campaign web page and kick in a few bucks to help us reach our 4-year goal of 510 miles. We’re already at 465 miles, but we need your help to reconnect the last 45 more miles of fishable stream this year. Through the end of September Orvis will double your money! Your $25 donation to the campaign magically becomes $50…$50 becomes $100…you get the picture. Think of the happiness you could bring to hundreds, maybe thousands of trout!

Done? Okay, check out this great success story from Buck Creek, NC.

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