Wednesday Wake-Up Call 01.15.20

The rallying cry is “No Pebble Mine!” but in reality, the mine itself is only part of the problem. To support such a massive operation huge amounts of machinery, materials, and goods will have to be trucked across the pristine landscape of . . .

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Fish Facts: Lahontan Cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi)

Angler Brian Strang landed this gorgeous cutthroat last year on Pyramid Lake.
Photo by Brian La Rue

The Lahontan cutthroat (Oncorhynchus clarki henshawi) is the largest growing trout native to North America, with early settlers around Nevada’s Pyramid Lake reporting fish up to 60 pounds. The current world record is a. . .

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Video: How to Tie a Corded Midge Larva

The latest how-to video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler shows you how to tie a great midge-larva imitation that looks great is the vise and even better in the water. As usual, Tim has come up with an ingeniously simple method for getting the . . .

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“Trout Eyes,” by William G. Tapply

Sometimes, seeing is believing.
Photo by Sandy Hays

The Bull Shoals dam was holding back water, and the White River was running low and slow and clear. Local trout maestro Wayne Reed had led John Barr and me through some woods to a . . .

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Join Us in Helping a Flats-Fishing Legend and His Son

Although it’s now an internationally famous permit destination, just twenty years ago, southern Belize around Punta Gorda was terra incognita for most anglers. The story of how the fly-fishing industry came to southern Belize to create a . . .

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Video: Why You Should Tie with Pine Squirrel

This week,Tim talks about why he loves using pine squirrel in streamer patterns. The material is relatively inexpensive, has fine markings that imitate baitfish, and it undulates in the water nicely. Try tying your favorite patterns, substituting pine . . .

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Classic Tips: 5 Keys to Winter Streamer Fishing

Written by: Tim Linehan, Linehan Outfitting Co.

Linehan Outfitting Company guide Sam Stevenson with a thick Kootenai winter bow.
Photo courtesy Linehan Outfitting Company

If you’re heading out on the river to fish streamers in winter, you need to think a little differently. Here are a few of my best tips for adjusting tactics to score when the mercury is low: . . .

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Video: Huge Dry-Fly Brook Trout in Labrador

Here’s another killer full episode of The New Fly Fisher, this time focused on giant, dry-fly-eating brook trout in Labrador. Host Bill Spicer casts both from a boat and while wading, and the fish seem more than willing. There are also plenty of great . . .

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Video Pro Tips: Staying “In the Box” for Single-Hand Spey or Skagit Casting

Ed Ward is a legend in the Spey- and Skagit-casting world, and here he explains the key to making good dynamic roll casts with a single-hand rod. According to Ward, you need to lock your casting elbow in place to keep the pivot point “in the box”–that is, in the same position through the sweep … Continue reading “Video Pro Tips: Staying “In the Box” for Single-Hand Spey or Skagit Casting”

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