Pro Tips: How to Tie and Fish the Versatile DDH Leech

Written by: Stu Thompson

Stu Thompson with one of the many species caught on his DDH Leech.
Photo courtesy Stu Thompson

Fly tiers have come already come up with some truly amazing patterns that catch fish Consistently, such as the Mickey Finn, Muddler Minnow, Humpy, Adams, Dahlberg’s Diver, Lefty’s Deceiver, . . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 04.28.21

On Monday, April 26th, Orvis along with twenty-five of the largest fishing and hunting businesses and organizations in the country sent a letter to the Biden Administration calling for permanent . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Fish Safely and Effectively from a Drift Boat

The words “drift boat” cause most fly fishers to immediately go into daydream mode, fantasizing about big, trout-filled, Western rivers. A float trip is usually an all-day event in which a trio—two anglers and a rower–covers miles of river, all the while changing up techniques to adjust to what the trout want to eat. Fly-fishing … Continue reading “Pro Tips: How to Fish Safely and Effectively from a Drift Boat”

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Video: How to Tie the F-Fly

Marjan Fratnik was a Slovenian angler and fly tier born in Most na Soči–at the confluence of the now famous Soča and Idrijca rivers–in 1919. Known for his simple yet effective patterns, he is most well known for the F-Fly, . . .

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Pro Tips: Use Brightly Colored Nymphs in High Water

Written by: George Daniel, Livin On The Fly

George Daniel’s kids solved their strike-detection problems by switching to brightly colored flies.
Photo by George Daniel

The heavy rainfall on my home waters last summer left me two options: head north to fish the mountain streams, or deal with the high water. I’m happy to do either one. Normally, I would have been fishing for smallmouths at that time of year, but the . . .

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Master Class Monday: How to Fish a Spinner Fall, Introduction

Spinner falls present anglers with wonderful opportunities to catch rising trout, but these egg-layer events can also offer plenty of challenges. The flies are tiny, the light is usually love, the presentations can be difficult, and so on. In this great episode of . . .

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