Video: How to Tie a Quill Body

Many patterns call for quill bodies, and Tim offers a few tricks that will make the process a lot easier and will save you the agony of having the quill split when you wrap it. By choosing the right feather and then preparing it properly (especially the . . .

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Matching The Alaskan Hatch

Alaska is one of those rare places where there are enough native and wild fish to not only challenge you, but also encourage you to experiment. I began thinking about this while fishing for sea-run Dolly . . .

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Video Pro Tips: How to Tie the Davy and Double Davy Knots

The Davy Knot (bottom) is considerably less obtrusive than the standard Clinch Knot.

A couple years ago, we posted a video on tying the Davy Knot by my friend Zach Matthews. With all due respect to Zach, the folks at Tightline productions have got higher production. . .

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Wednesday Wake-Up Call 06.23.21

The western half of the U.S. is in the midst of a sever drought, compounded by unseasonable heat. One result is that many rivers are running low and warm. The water temperature in the Montana’s Smith . . .

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Classic Pro Tips: 7 Keys to Catching River Bass

Written by Winston Cundiff, All Water Guides

River bass require a specialized set of skills and tactics that are very different from those of trout fishing.
All photos courtesy Winston Cundiff

I recently read a “how-to” article about bass fishing on the fly and watched an older video that put tournament gear fisherman alongside a fly guy in the Sacramento Delta. Both were very. . .

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