Video: How to Tie the Pine Squirrel Trout Spey Streamer

Trout Spey–using two-handed rods specifically designed for trout situations–is becoming increasingly popular. In this week’s video from Tightline Productions, Tim Flagler walks you through the process of creating a version of the venerable . . .

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Master Class Monday: Understanding Rise Forms During a Spinner Fall

During a Spinner Fall
Author Phil MonahanPosted on September 3, 2019Categories Fly Fishing
Edit “Master Class Monday: Understanding Rise Forms During a Spinner Fall”

In this great episode of “Master Class Monday”–yes, I know it’s Tuesday–Dave and Amelia Jensen continue to walk you through every aspect of fishing a spinner fall, from gear choices to presentation to hook sets. Here, they help you to understand . . .

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Video: How to Create a Perfect Hackle Collar

Tying a perfect, dense, hackle collar makes a dry fly look great. Tim jokes about how good the flies will look on Instagram, but the dense hackle will also help the pattern float better and sit on the water beautifully. The keys are choosing the right feather and . . .

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The 2019 “20 Days in September” Contest Starts Sunday!

The end of summer can be bittersweet for anglers, so to ensure that we make the most of the late season, we launched the “20 Days in September” Photo Contest back in 2015. The contest has grown every year, and participants have sent us countless . . .

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Don’t Miss the 50/50 on the Water Film Tour

The 50/50 on the Water Film Tour is a family-friendly night of female focused fly-fishing films. You’ll leave the event inspired and energized by the 90+ minutes of storytelling, which highlights anglers and fisheries from around . . .

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Pro Tips: How to Take Better Fish Portraits

Written by: Darcy Toner and Timbre Pringle, Faceless Fly Fishing Media

A fish portrait, rather than a grip-and-grin, is better for the fish and makes for a more interesting image..
All photos by Faceless Fly Fishing

How would your fish want its photo taken? Because a fish is an aquatic creature, one would assume that it would want to stay in the water. Many fishermen, including me, are inclined to take a quick . . .

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