Video Pro Tips: How to Predict a Stonefly Hatch

When big trout come to the surface to hammer large stoneflies, anglers can enjoy some of the most exciting dry-fly fishing of their lives. This is why some anglers will travel great distances to fish salmonfly or Skwala hatches. The problem is that . . .

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5 Tips for Taking a Kid on a Guided Trip

Written by: Kip Vieth, Wildwood Float Trips

That big smile suggests that this youngster is hooked for life.
Photos by Kip Vieth

This is the year. You‘ve been thinking about exposing a kid to the wonderful sport of fly fishing, and you’ve decided that he or she is ready. What better way to do it than to take them on a guided . . .

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Mayflies Across America: The Colorado Front Range

This week, our featured region is the Front Range of Colorado. Famous for well-educated trout, the technical challenges of mayfly fishing in the Centennial State can be a bit overwhelming at times, especially on rivers close to Denver. We recently caught . . .

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